Random by Gooball

Once again a box map without any noticeable gameplay. You get thrown into a small square room with two levels, a floor area with four rocketlaunchers and one quad and an upper level with a railgun, a plasmagun and four teleporters, that lead to a small tower in the middle of the map. You will find a surprise there most mappers will remember from their first map; the BFG. While there is by far enough ammo to fire constantly with the RL without running out of ammo, only 50+30 health can be found on the upper level. Another corner provides the player with a medkit and a personal teleporter.

The four jumppads on the lower level will make the player bang his head on the ceiling most of the time, and the spawnpoints face weird directions like corners or walls. When the headache has worn off, getting stuck on top of these spiky things is a lot of fun, too. Even all textures are missing, except the one for the jumppads, and there is a typo in the .arena file that prevents the map from being accessible from the skirmish menu. The levelshot is a PNG and will not load, the music provided in the pk3 does not play in the background.

So, this is just one of these maps we all know from our first tries to make a simple arena. Surely not worth the download.

- DaEngineer

Ranked: 0.4 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Random by Gooball