tsu-eround by Panda (Pantsu)

Let's cut to the business: This map consists of a red and blue tube that goes round into a doughnut. And that is pretty much it. To be fair, Panda has added a pair of boxes at two opposites of the tube marked red and blue... though I kindly point out that he either forgot to check the actual color of the side of the tube, so it says red on the blue side and blue on the red side, or maybe it was intentional (but any logical motive is beyond my reach). To be unfair, the boxes are pure styling, as they surround the tube inside which you are locked.

That said, you probably will not be focused too much on the poor styling as much as you will be trying to move properly. The tube is so slippery that all you have to do is grab some momentum, and you will slip all the way to the opposite side, snag the flag and slip back to your base; all without the use of your hands. now, I'm sorry, but I do not find anything fun about this map.

As the author states, it took him 10 days to come up with this map. Sadly however, with poor style and literally no gameplay, the only explanations I can think of involve falling asleep or becoming seriously distracted. And just to add insult, no bot file is included. Nothing interesting to report about this map. Don't bother downloading.


Ranked: 0.7 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: tsu-eround by Panda (Pantsu)