2myhouse by Hot[DOG]

A very blocky simple map based on the author's own house. There are lots of little game play issues such as the requirement to jump up the final step from the lower floor. The scale of the map is also odd. You can hit your head on the low ceiling in some rooms but the chairs are about twice the height of the player. There are many more examples.

The layout of most homes do not make for a good Quake 3 Deathmatch and this one is no exception.

A low bitrate sound track has been include for your forced listening pleasure. The author has not use the music track feature of the Quake 3 engine. Instead they have use an ambient sound entity. This means you can not switch it off with s_musicvolume 0 as the sound entity is linked to the main volume channel. You could remove the sound file from the PK3 if you really wanted too.

A better option would have been for the author to include the sound track as a music attribute to the worldspawn entity. This way at least people would be able to adjust the music volume.

If the map was used to learn the tools and how to edit and create Quake 3 maps, fantastic. Job done. However in the current state the map feels more like an architecture project than a Quake 3 map for Deathmatches. Best to skip it.

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: 2myhouse by Hot[DOG]