Shipyard 17 and Shypyard 17 Boss Battle edition
Shipyard 17 and Shypyard 17 Boss Battle edition by Martinus

An interesting and ambitious remix of the Longest Yard (q3dm17) for both Team Arena and EntityPlus. The setting is that of a waterside dock, complete with cranes, cargo, rail yard and a cargo ship out at sea.

The level of detail is amazing. There is so much work involved. The map is worth downloading just to see the old Quake 3 engine pushed beyond its limits.

Sadly that is just what has happened too. The engine has been pushed a little too far and a few issues are interfering. The fog in Quake 3 is pretty basic and has a number of limitations. One of them is that the fog brush must be bound on 5 of 6 sides to render correct and the skybox does not count as a bound side. You can see this in action on Fatal Instinct (q3tourney5) in noclip mode. With r_showtris enabled it is even easier to spot the black walls used to enclose the fog on 5 sides. Another side effect of the Quake 3 fogs are certain shaders (graphic effects) do not render correctly through the fog.

As you might imagine with all this detail the r_speeds are extremely high. Old hardware and graphics cards may struggle with this release.

The Team Arena version can be played in standard Quake 3, you will simply be missing a few guns but you will still be able to play the map.

The EntityPlus version is a real nice touch. You play one on one against an increasingly powerful Boss bot with limited weapons and items.

In case all this work was not enough, a custom weapon model pack is included as well! Due to the limitation of the Quake 3 engine, these weapons will appear in all maps but you can fix this by either removing or renaming the weapon pack PK3 in your baseq3 directory when not playing Shipyard 17.

Even with all this amazing and unique work, at the end of the day, game play is King and this map is a little lacking there. The layout is not new. The size of the level is a hindrance and the fog rendering issues are distracting. Bummer really.

Worth checking out for a number of great reasons and excellent to see another EntityPlus release but not a real keep. Suggestion for next time. Start with game play first, build theme and setting second - you have the skills.