FortTown by Martinus

Wow! Another amazing amount of work from Martinus. Yet again we see this author produce something rich in theme and atmosphere. Great stuff. This author keeps releasing high level of detail maps for this old game engine.

The setting is of a Medieval fort (or even castle really). There is a lot to see just walking around. An underground catacomb, street area with stables, church and waterways. A lot of the rooftops are accessible and even required for navigation. The water however is instant death. This was a surprise but I guess you must have some limits when there is so much going on.

Two versions are included. An asymmetric CTF focused and a DM / TeamDM version. There are a number of changes between the two maps but the biggest is the fact that the portcullis is closed in the CTF version and open in the Forttown Open Gate version.

Personally I found the open gate version in a Deathmatch game the most enjoyable of the two.

In a lot of ways the catacomb section of the map is not required. Removing this maze-like section would have helped focus the game play and reduced some of the complexity of the release.

The size of the map is huge and this puts a bit of a drag on the games. Maybe a larger LAN match would be best for this release, but then the openness might create a high degree of chaos.

Yet again Martinus has released something that is pushing the Quake 3 engine. Theme and rich atmosphere are present but game play is a little weak. Bots are supported. If this author could focus on game play the Quake 3 community would be extremely happy.

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: FortTown by Martinus