kleskonian curves
kleskonian curves by nunuk

Load up your GeForce if you are going to really enjoy this damn spunky space level. This map has great game play for 1on1 and up to 4 player DM games. The r_speeds are consistently high and even with a good video card you can expect a lower than normal frame rate especially once a few players hop in.

The custom textures (mostly Meatpak textures) look very cool on this roller coaster ride of a map, especially the bounce pads. Besides the r_speeds the only other nitpick is the Rail Gun position - it is set to encourage camping. Bots play fine but do not make it up to the Rail Gun

A great space map however it is only for high-end systems.

Tigs notes: There is 2nd release that contains a music track which adds 5megs to the download, grab it right here.

2020 note: For today's PCs, this map runs very smooth. Even an office PC should have no issues.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (130 votes)

Download: kleskonian curves by nunuk