kleskonian curves
kleskonian curves by nunuk
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Yeti Rep. 64
#66   25 Aug 2021
I don't remember many maps by name, but just reading or hearing "Kleskonian Curves" brings me back to frenzy action with my fragging pals. In my top 10.
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#65   31 Aug 2020
Beautiful map with great gameplay, except that bots do not get the railgun. Lovely location for it though!
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#64   07 Jan 2012
A map based on Klesk is wicked but if it was MYNX! it would be AWESOME!
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Chunky Kibbles! Rep. 246
#63   26 May 2011
Over ten years later...this map STILL kicks!!! One of the classics. Glad I found it again!

If you're still out there anywhere, nunuk, thanks for all the memories! :D 10/10

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JamesHater unregistered
#62   09 Jun 2002
Well a very late response, but James, anything to do with q3 is going to run shit on a 233 and Voodoo 2.
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Halx unregistered
#61   10 Jun 2001
Reaallly nice design. But in my opinion, the architecture and layout seems a little confuse. But it's reaally worthwhile downloading !
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AnguisH unregistered
#60   19 Apr 2001
To say nunuk has talent would be an understatement! His space maps are by far the most impressive ones out there.

nunuk-------tip of the hat to you : )

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DreadlockDragon unregistered
#59   19 Mar 2001
What all space maps should be!

Great verticle action keeps the Frags fun 1 on 1 or loaded with players!

Got to improve my aim though...

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Itchycrabz unregistered
#58   02 Feb 2001
Efin' great. . . any one who says different . . . shuves thery on fingers wher the sun is rare. . . simply butti full (ass in "booti bass") love it all. . .
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Scyfox unregistered
#57   29 Nov 2000
Personally......I love this map!!Dont get slowdown at all with 9 bots on a P3 950/GeForce2 system.r_speeds?what r_speeds?Top job nanuk!!
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Gonnas unregistered
#56   22 Nov 2000
Wow! That 112ghz processor sure must come in handy when playing Quake 3. (In case you can't tell i'm laughing at you)
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#55   12 Nov 2000
Don't know what people are talking about "high-end systems". I guess it all depends on your definition of "high-end".

To me, high-end is the P4-112ghz / 512meg / GEforece GTS that we've got at my office.

It runs fine on my K62-450 / 128meg / TNT2.

Kick Azz level...

Now that my game's on the shelves it's back to mapping... so watch-out!

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Meeser unregistered
#54   07 Nov 2000
James, fair enough you have a right to comment on the map. But once is enough, otherwise it just sounds like you are bitching and putting the map maker down. I am downloading the map now, and I am sure I am going to love it... Great job nunuk! :)
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James unregistered
#53   07 Nov 2000
not my fault that your taste in maps sux....
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nunuk unregistered
#52   06 Nov 2000
the geek strikes again....
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James unregistered
#51   06 Nov 2000
sorry...user created maps always show "lack of experience"...one level didnt pit and pendulam...its just that...not eveyone has a beast of a machine....cutting out little effects here or there can make all the difference when it comes to performance. As for the layout....there are too many little platorms all over the place and the central walkway is way to small...should be longer,bigger and wider....it nunuk wants to create some good space maps...he should look at q3dm16/17..etc..thats quality(nice size platforms)not too tight..and none of those crappy sideways jumpads(must of been on crack when he thought of those)...this aint quality..but heck...at least he's trying
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Piglet unregistered
#50   05 Nov 2000
Great map

Finally q3dm17 is only second best

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Razorbill unregistered
#49   02 Nov 2000
I am relatiely new to Q3A and have had a hard time to try out the maps recommended by the "community" but it seems as if I always end up playing this one and "Majesty" Thise is a 10!
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RiO unregistered
#48   30 Oct 2000
Ah, finally downloaded it.

Marvellous, of course. The trick jumps were, in my opinion, even better than Coitus Interruptus... I've noticed that you can however get stuck on the accelerator pad ones if you come at it from the wrong angle, and bots often do this and become easy targets.

The only other critisism is that bots don't tend to use the back of the map - where the megahealth and the groovy lookin' teleporter are, which is a shame because it's my favourite jump back there :>

Bot probs aside though, brilliant map, 10/10 of course.

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SaTo unregistered
#47   29 Oct 2000
best map ever


the gameplay rulez


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Twitchfactor unregistered
#46   28 Oct 2000
One of the best works I've seen.

Runs fine on my machine, of course, I don't have a typical machine.

Nunuk, want a job?

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Sundown unregistered
#45   27 Oct 2000
Purdy! Nunuk, you're obviously workin' hard at this mappin' thang. For a map of this structural depth, the FPS is suprisingly brisk, even on my old PII 450. A breath of fresh air into Q3 Leveldom. Plays as good as it looks.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#44   26 Oct 2000
I think that guy/girl only comes here to bitch. He doesn't have anything constructive to say, he just likes bitching. To each his own...but I'll never respect anything he has to say about maps, even if it is constructive.

On to the map....Holy Shit, nunuk! I didn't think you could top kleskonian heights but boy was I wrong. Are you a lighting technician or something? You seem to have a knack for getting the atmosphere just right.

Kudos, man. 10 out of 10....and I'm not really a space map fan!

Good work.

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Th_DEi unregistered
#43   26 Oct 2000
I think like CoOL-bEr ... but there's no "some" jealous boyz" but just ONE small guy who must probably jealous to can't make map.

Sale your mmmmmmx and buy a computer !!! I play this map on a PowerMacintosh 300 with a small 3D card so ...

salut a Vous Nico et Bertrand !

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nunuk unregistered
#42   26 Oct 2000
hihi!! i saw that after putting my comments.....i realised it also when i saw the comment this geek had put for ente'kitchen.

don't have time to check the ids.

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pu§hy unregistered
#41   25 Oct 2000
icemunster and james are the same..check their ID#...wut a lamer ahahaha!

bdway...the jumpads...it ain't original...dl distonic and find out

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CoOL_bEr *KoB* unregistered
#40   25 Oct 2000
i think there is some jealous boYz here, who can't respect any sort of art !!!

quake is a long way to fun, with a variety of game-play made by everyone who play, by eveyone who create !


---groZe biZe a toi Nik0---

:]) bEr °

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WarMachine unregistered
#39   25 Oct 2000
hay nunuk

dont worry mate im behind ya these sort of guy just carnt make maps, thay carnt make maps as good as you i think your maps rule you put alot of work in your maps, and thats good to see people like you spending alot of time on there maps, did you make distonic if you did it rules its my faverite space map to date, so keep up the good work mate i lookforward to your next map happy fraggen.......WarMachine :)

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angry nunuk unregistered
#38   25 Oct 2000
this is hilarious....

i can understand negative comments, but at least give me some arguments.

icemunster: give me your definition of a genuine map: give me map names.

james: woaw!!! this is cool!! never had such a comment. "rather large and boring to play" ty so much, it's gonna help me for the future. and concerning r-speeds: you got much worst than that sometimes, believe me. also, if i had your system spec, i would have played q1 instead of q3.

seriously guyz, this is ridiculous.

klcurves is a space map, and i would understand the fact u don't like space maps, but at least give me some fuckin' arguments.


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IceMunsTeR unregistered
#37   25 Oct 2000
Waste of a download. These user created maps all suck....keep 'em rolling guys...i only play the "genuine" maps that came with quake3...not this garbage.
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James unregistered
#36   25 Oct 2000
A resonably large/but ultimately boring level to play.The creator has spared NO thought and respect for the r_speeds...it ran pathetically on my 233mmx with voodoo2...sorry...this level bites the dust
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izeColt unregistered
#35   24 Oct 2000
Nice piece of work indeed. Well worth of 9!
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#34   23 Oct 2000
I dunno what all this high system stuff is. i have p2 350, voodoo3 2000 pci and it was very playable.
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excessus unregistered
#33   23 Oct 2000
what about the geforce warning? i´m so scared of even downloading this one... O:-)
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=|SWEDE|= unregistered
#32   23 Oct 2000
My coworkers and I have a LAN game after work (nightly) and I am constantly huntin up cool new maps for us to beat each other senseless in. This is one of most unique I have run into. It is going to be in our rotation for a good long time. It looks great, and is a very challenging arena to play in.
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Ghostrider unregistered
#31   23 Oct 2000
Oh shit!

This map is really fun and original for the jump pads...

i like this...


n.b: nunuk, ta map est vraiment bien, tu as du y mettre beaucoup de temps a la faire...

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pumpkin nunuk unregistered
#30   22 Oct 2000
well jet,concerning your last sentence, i'll keep it secret, but i can promess you it will happen someday!........kidding!! that's my job already.
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Jet {GDI} unregistered
#29   22 Oct 2000
I never really liked space maps until I played this one. This thing reeks of style. Original architecture! Looks like it could be in a sci-fi movie.

But most of all its a blast to play.

and nunuk don't worry about r_speeds, the hardware thats out now is more than enough to handle it. I have a P3 500, 128MB RAM, Voodoo3 3000 and it ran just fine.

Keep pushing the envelope buddy and will see you making maps for some game developer in the near future.

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nunuk unregistered
#28   22 Oct 2000
damit!! i knew i had forgotten something! :last blahblah by me.
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not entered unregistered
#27   22 Oct 2000
fool, tx for the feedback...first, concerning the fact it's a space maps, well, the conflict will always be the same, it seems.....but saying that space maps are crappy maybe comes from the fact it's the first kind of levels less experienced mappers try to invent, and therefore most of them are crappy. however, i'll just have to thanx id designers for having invented those space thingies, because it really is a new genre, no matter what oldschool gamers will say about it. (note: i have been a qfanatic since 96, so i have passed more time in dm4 and dm6 than in any spacemaps)

"It's possible to navigate 75% of the map and never touch the ground" cool!, if 75% is your number, i'm happy with it, because that's exactly what i'm trying to find: i'll be happy to have a 100% "matrix" style map. the fact of having many jump pads is a choice. i believe they remain logical and useful in klcurves, because klcurves has been made especially for those. no jumppads=no klcurves.

the fact of putting the ammo next to the repective weapons can be a huge debate, so i will not make any further blahblah about it. the only thing i gotta say is that rg and gl are the only weapons with just one ammo added.

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FooL unregistered
#26   22 Oct 2000
I'm not a fan of space maps. That said, I feel I should give feedback since I've downloaded the map. (because of all the hype) It's not a BAD space map. But I do have issues....

In my personal opinion, there are WAY to many jump pads. Even for a space crap....oh I mean map. It's possible to navigate 75% of the map and never touch the ground. The only part you can't touch by bouncing there is the YA area.

As always, I found that the map was helped by playing it with the T.E.C. mod and the off-hand grapple. It cut down on "hey look at me, I'm a rail target dangling in the air!" time.

Also, I have one gripe about the rail that no one else brought up. The ammo and gun are too close to each other. Once you have the rail....simply bounce on the pad, if you miss no big deal, you have ammo, if you make the jump....kewl another gun. I think rail ammo could have gone on the platform with the Plasma gun and the ammo for the PG that was again RIGHT NEXT TO THE GUN could have gone where the rail ammo was originally.

Other than that, my system ran fine on a AMD 800, VooDoo 3 3000, 192 MB RAM and the video setting maxxed out.

Because I really don't like Space Maps to begin with...i won't score the map. Just suffice to say as far as space craps go, this one is pretty good.

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pu§hy unregistered
#25   22 Oct 2000
this map looks unlike any other map? this map looks A LOT like distonic!

still good though :p

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Killer unregistered
#24   22 Oct 2000
Very nice work nunuk. A great unique looking piece with some fantastic architecture and atmosphere. Loved the curvy jump trajectories. Oh and anyone who says r_speeds were not a problem and then mentions some nice high spec machine is a bit sad imho ;P
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Jazz unregistered
#23   22 Oct 2000
Great map and the best part is its quite unlike any other map...except maybe klhights with the central jumppad.

The r_speeds didn't bother me that much cuz I play at ultra low settings...Although my machine choked badly when looking over the map in highest settings

BTW the music goes well with the map and is pretty high quality stuff(like the map)

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Potato Joe unregistered
#22   21 Oct 2000
What a score this map was to dl. It kicks ass! I agree about the railgun, I was able to kick Xaero's butt 50-25 on nightmare by camping it up, by the railgun! Yeah! Beautiful map!
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#21   21 Oct 2000
Eggman; must be a GameSpy network thing, I sure ain't doing it - if ANYONE gets pop-up windows on ..::LvL please let me know (tigger@ebom.org) so I can hammer GameSpy for spamming readers. The banner ad I can live with, but thats all anyone should ever see!
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#20   21 Oct 2000
Is it just me, or is the layout of this map VERY similar to Distonic? Whatever, it's another lovely piece of black-eye-candy from Nunuk, and well worth the d/l.; as regards the r_speeds debate, I'm currently using a PIII 600 with a TNT2 and 128Mb RAM, with Q3 set to 600 x 800 x 16 - OK, not mega detail or colour depth, but I use the same settings for everything and didn't notice any drop in framerate on this map. I have to say, I slightly prefer Distonic or Kleskonian Hights, but this is still a very fine map, and one you should make room for on your HD. And I reckon spacemaps exist because the sense of vertigo you get from a good one adds massively to the adrenalin rush from the game; the test of a truly good spacemap is to imagine it as an earth-bound box map. If it's still fun, then you've done it right... if it sucks, then you've relied on the drop to give the rush that should be coming from the architecture. Nunuk, your spacemaps are amongst the best I've seen; keep 'em coming, man. I'd love to see a really big expansive spacemap from you!

Thus spake the spacemap fan: 9/10

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veLhi unregistered
#19   21 Oct 2000
The map's awesome! Nothing more to say. Don't even consider changing your style, nunuk :P

Lack of decent hardware should not constrain your awesome talent :P

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nunuk unregistered
#18   21 Oct 2000
tx eggman...this is very interesting. the reason why i used quite a few detail brushes was because of the rendering time. and even though i try to be technical, i remain a graphist, and there is always something to learn.

to "not entered": well i quit smoking quite some time ago. and btw. if i manage to make original maps (you're the only judge), you can expect me to think different concerning the gameplay too.....

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not entered unregistered
#17   21 Oct 2000
"rl is the real reason for space maps...and space maps exist because of the pleasure of mid air fraggin. the only fun you can have with the rail is when you use it as a proximity weapon....close combat."

Are you high? Give me some of whatever you're smoking! :p lol

Nice map btw.

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Eggman unregistered
#16   21 Oct 2000
Um, Tigger why did posting that message cause me to be bombarded with a pop-up window from SpeedyClick offering me a porsche if I give them my e-mail?
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Eggman unregistered
#15   21 Oct 2000
Quite a work of art we have right here. Although for this a nasty hit has been inflicted on the maps performance. Which I don't believe necessarily should of been the case. It seems the author has used a great deal of detail brushes to prevent the complex geometry from triangulating the map to death. While that is generally a good tactic, the previously unseen and undrawn faces, now become drawn. I found quite a bit of them. Caulk as you already know Nunuk would of remedied that, you could've done a more thorough job in that respect. The major tris saver that could have been accomplished isn't that though.

I did 'r_lockpvs 1' while on the ground near the central jumppad and then noclipped myself underneath the platform. To my dismay the entire underside of the platform was rendering itself despite being invisible from the position I locked the potentially visible set. If you made the entire floor detail brushes, like I suspect, you still could have put caulk brushes resembling the shape of the floor in between the bottom and top faces, and then with some clever hinting, stop the map from rendering the underside of the platform while you were on top of it. Also I think chopping out a few brushes here and there would of still conveyed the architectural masterpiece you have crafted. If it can be done with less brushes to the same effect, drop those excess brushes. I apologize if you already know everything I outlined here, I don't want to patronize anyone. I imagine you put a great deal of effort into making the map playable.

To sum up, great map, although even on my p3-600 and tnt2, I have to mod down the graphics so much just to have it playable, that it loses it's beauty.

Is a refined rerelease out of question?

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[44]ooze unregistered
#14   21 Oct 2000
u don't need a g2 for this map...a gDDR will do the trick with enough cpu horsepower (i have a 800).


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Johnny Law unregistered
#13   21 Oct 2000
Very interesting looking map... I enjoy it fine on my TNT2U, although framerates are certainly lower than usual.

I also wouldn't really say "bots play fine", as besides not getting the rail, they also don't get the MH, and generally they tend to bounce like popcorn on the big pad in the center of the open area.

However the performance and botplay is probably about as good as it can be given the design of this map, and I'm glad nunuk decided to release it rather than change it to some other design, because it really is worth checking out... the visuals, the music, and the gameplay are all notably different from other Q3 maps, and 2 out of the 3 are quite good as well. The gameplay isn't horrible with bots, but it's not outstanding... I suspect it would improve a lot if you got humans in here.

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Auhsan unregistered
#12   21 Oct 2000
Man, I love this one (like your others maps)

Details and ambient are fucking awesome, music adds a lot to the map and the curve jumppads are fun.

r_speeds? buy an geforce 2, this map really worths it =)

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DarkAngel_V1 unregistered
#11   21 Oct 2000
This is one of the best maps I have seen in a while. I had no trouble with r_speeds, and I have low end system. The detail of this map is smoken, gameplay is outstanding me and my freinds highly recommed this map. I will be interested to see what nunuk comes up with next..........good job!
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ResidentSCUM unregistered
#10   21 Oct 2000
Very nice looking map, gameplay is a blast. I had no trouble with the r_speeds, but I am running P3 933 GeForce DDR with 64 mb. The camping feature keeps you moving though. How about running a server nunuk?
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Syclone unregistered
#9   21 Oct 2000
Heh, spacemaps exist to get people to call good railers bots :)
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[44]ooze unregistered
#8   21 Oct 2000
This map, especially with the very good music behind it, is really incredible. Sure it's a campers paradise, but only in a ffa. Actually, i think this map would make for a very interesting 1vs1 between two skilled players. Anyway, this is highly original, unbelievably gorgeous, and for that i'd give it a 9. GAmeplay is o.k., that's really the only negative...i think after a while the gimmick will wear off. Definately an original, however, and a custom map you should always have on you hd.
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nunuk unregistered
#7   21 Oct 2000
r_speeds: yes...no excuses. forgive me for being too much an architect. lol

rg: yes t-o....i think you're right. the truth is, this should probably never have been a 1v1 map. my mistake.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#6   21 Oct 2000
nunuk: the r_speeds are about double the average (based on the id Software maps).

As to the RG location, in a 1on1 you can keep a sharp Rail shot on two RL and anyone going for the central power-up. Sure its a tiny area, but without a RL to pick you off there is almost no reason to come down (excpet for the fact its a lot more fun to not camp :]) In a 3 player game its a lot less of a concern and a camper will not last long enough for anyone to worry about it.

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nunuk unregistered
#5   21 Oct 2000
rl is the real reason for space maps...and space maps exist because of the pleasure of mid air fraggin. the only fun you can have with the rail is when you use it as a proximity weapon....close combat.


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Syclone unregistered
#4   21 Oct 2000
"rg and spacemaps dont fit together well."

I thought RG was the REASON for space maps?! ;)

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nunuk unregistered
#3   21 Oct 2000
ouch!! i understand the review concerning the r_speeds, even though the map contains 930 brushes and a few shaders, it still is pretty much high for a space map. i'll do everything i can to reduce r_speeds on the next one. naughty me....

however concerning the railgun position:the level testing showed that it was quite hard for this spot to become a camping spot. this position was chosen in order to transform the rg in a second hand weapon. i was thinking about removing it completely, because rg and spacemaps dont fit together well. but removing the fun would be stupid too. also i thought camping on a 50 centimeters large platform was kind of hard i believe, especially when the guys passing in front of you go twice faster as on any other normal jumpads. but the playing and habits are so different from one group of players to another, that it could certainly be used by some as a camping area anyway. i just haven't encountered that pb during testing. the only thing i tried to avoid was to make an easy access railgun that would have been used excessively in the central area...at least with the actual position, you lose time while getting it.

thanx for the very first review on klcurves.


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WarMachine unregistered
#2   21 Oct 2000
great space map once again by nunuk, like Blitzz said the curved jump pads are very cool looks and playes really good with a geforse2 gts, i still like his map distonic better,but still a great space map,well done once again nunuk.......WarMachine
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Blitzz unregistered
#1   21 Oct 2000
It took me some tweaking, but I had them before this map:

On a PII 400, 128 mb ram and a TNT2 Ultra, no really big problems.

and great fun, I like the curved jumps with the jumppads a lot =)

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