Demented Dream
Demented Dream by Dr Faustus
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#12   03 Feb 2015
This map is a bit to tight and the layout to simple to provide some interesting gameplay...
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#11   01 Nov 2000
Coolio. No prob.

I won't be online for a while but once my DSL comes in I'll check out the IP.


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WarMachine unregistered
#10   01 Nov 2000
hay gonnakillya thanks heaps for ya help good to see guys like your self take the time out to help someone, chears mate maybe ill see ya on the net if ya play rocket arena 3 the server i go on is :)....War
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#9   01 Nov 2000 create a folder structure that mimics yer baseq3 folder structure...and then zip it, renaming the .zip extension to .pk3. You'll get a warning about the file possibly not working but ignore it. Just click Yes.

Anyhoo, create a folder that has the name of yer map plus the .pk3 extension, in my latest map's case badmojo.pk3


<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

:) :) :)

Inside the badmojo.pk3 folder (or ddream.pk3 if we use Dr Faustus' map as an example) you'll have several folders that are in yer baseq3 folder:




maps (this is where you place the .bsp file to play yer map)






Note: if you want custom textures or sounds, scripts, skybox picts or music with yer map, you'll have to create a subfolder within each of the respective folders and name that folder the same name as the map (ddream).

For example: say you wanted custom textures with yer map, you'd open up the shaderlist.txt that is in yer baseq3 folder and add the name of your map (ddream). This tells Radiant to use any textures in that folder and display them in the texture selection menu.

Within the textures folder of baseq3 and the ddream.pk3 folder, create a folder and call it ddream. Place all yer textures within that folder and Radiant, as well as Quake III will use those textures within that folder.

Note: you put the .bsp AND the .aas files in the maps folder. Also of note, q3build can also optimize yer .aas file. It optimized a bot file that was 4.5 MB to 1.5 MB.

Hope that helps.


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WarMachine unregistered
#8   01 Nov 2000
thanks dr faustus...:)
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Dr Faustus unregistered
#7   01 Nov 2000
used winzip to make a pk3

q3build for the ass file

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WarMachine unregistered
#6   31 Oct 2000
sorry dr faustus i was only joking, but really i should have given some feedback on your map for my taste it to tight in bits, if it was alittle bigger and more space it would be a good map, but hay you do better than me man i still havent made a map yet im still getting used to the q3 tools and im not very good with the layout of a map but im getting there any way mate all the best with your mapping, btw how do ya put a map in a pak3 file and how do ya do the bot file for a map......happy fraggen.:) War
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Dr Faustus unregistered
#5   31 Oct 2000
thank you finally some proper feedback!
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#4   30 Oct 2000
No offense guys, but I think some feedback should have been typed here. You at least stopped by, couldn't ya give the author some advice?

I'm sure Dr Faustus would love to know how to become a better mapper and feedback would only help, even if it isn't exactly what he wants to hear. I'm sure he/she is disappointed you guys didn't care for it but I'm sure he/she would like to know why.

..::LVL's review is one thing but I find you need to hear feedback from several sources to make any progress as a mapper other than, "You don't want to know...." If you guys bothered to check out the README file the author has asked for feedback...good or bad.

Dr Faustus, you have some promise. Yer lighting and texturing skills are pretty good and I like that you spawn with a shotgun in a tight map.

However, I think you need more help in layout and item placement.

  1. The RA room has way too much ammo. You prolly don't even need ammo there since you've got the player moving to get the RA anyway. The placement of the plasma is very make them have to make a decision to go for it rather than getting the RA right away. There were also some sparklies happening on the curves in the roof of the RA room. Overall this room looks pretty cool with the texture selection IMHO.

2)Three 25 health balls in a row aren't usually a good idea in any map. Nuke two of them. (the player either just grabbed the rocket, plasma or RA so health here might not even be needed). Also, from the top of the stairs going down from those 3 healths, you'll need to break up the floor brushes and add hint brushes since I could see most of the map using /r_showtris 1 but couldn't see those rooms in normal mode. (you must type /devmap ddream before you can toggle the tris)

If you need more info on how the vis breaks up the map, check out

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

  1. In the hallway going into the RL room from the gold health, I was able to get stuck on the brushes to the left of the door. Some clip brushes or cleaner brush work here can easily remedy this.

4)The hallway from the 3 yellow healths to the RL room is way to needs to be wider for some hallway fighting.

5)Remove half of the ammo in the RL room going to the gold health (shotgun, plasma)

6)The map is generally too small.

Sure, I love close-quarter combat but another room or two wouldn't hurt. The map just seemed really tight.

Seriously dude, for a first release, you've got some cool skills in the texturing and lighting departments. You've also got some nice brushwork happening in the RL room.

Keep at it. Nobody's first map is ever a keeper!

I'll be offline for a while so this is all the feedback I can give you (till I sneak a peek at work on my break!)

Cheers man, I hope this helped a bit.


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RiO unregistered
#3   29 Oct 2000
i too have an opinion on this map, but you won't want this one either.
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WarMachine unregistered
#2   27 Oct 2000
do you really want to know my opinion about it as well?
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Deathmonger unregistered
#1   27 Oct 2000
Do you really want to know my opinion about it?
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