Estatica by Cardigan

Cardigan has excelled on setting the atmosphere for Estatica. Thanks to the incredible control that ydnar's Q3Map2 gives mappers, this level is a total visual delight. Textures and lighting are perfect! The setting is frozen in a moment of time, in a thunderstorm. The main building has been struck by lighting and is about to collapse while chunks of stone hang in the air. Game play is fast and very enjoyable as a small FFA. The author states games of 4-8 players however matches with 3-4 players are much more fun. With the Quad removed Tourney games can be intensive, but the item placement is clearly targeted at FFA. Bots have no noticeable problems. A second version that comes with a music track is also available.

This is a must have level for FFA players. Every mapper should check this out!

Second Opinion

Like the author said, this map is more like an eye candy test with the effects made possible with the Q3map2 tool from Ydnar. Fun to frag in a free for all but this map is not intended for official competition. You are fragging in a Spanish/broken mansion in the middle of nowhere (a space map). Visual effects (shadows mostly) are incredible. I like the effect also of the rain which just does not move. You get the feeling of fragging in a time-frozen space. If you want to see all the visual effect you'll need a good video card (with 32 megs of ram at least). All textures where made by the author and some textures contained graphic elements that are from a public collection.

Fun with friend, worth keeping, but not for the old video cards out there. Nothing serious for competition.

Reviewed by DGhost

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (155 votes)

Download: Estatica by Cardigan