Qvisions map pack
Qvisions map pack by Quint

A great 3 level map pack for floater fans. Each map has a distinctive theme; qbeast has a large unknown beast, qdolphin, a qdolphin and qbee's theme is a large bee. All are well realized and constructed but low-end systems may notice sluggish framerates. qbee is the most frantic of the bunch, even in a 1on1. qbeast has the most interesting and enjoyable layout (except you can land on the 'tail' of the beast and not die). qdolphin looks very cool with its sweeping curves and shader effect but is too open to be nothing more than a Rail Guners domain. Item placement in all the maps could have been tweaked a lot more but can still be fun on a LAN. Bots play all the maps but have some problems on qdolphin.

Space map fans will keep this pack for sure. Others may enjoy a few rounds, especially on a LAN

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (35 votes)

Download: Qvisions map pack by Quint