Qvisions map pack
- File Information --------------------------------------------------------

Title : Qvisions map pack
Filename : qvisions.pk3
Maps : qbeast | qdolphin | qbee
Author : Quint (Marco Quintavalle)
Email Address : **email removed**
Web Site : www.planetquake.com/quint
Installation : Unzip and place qvisions.pk3 in your Quake3 -> baseq3
Then The maps should now
be accessible in the Multiplayer menu or by typing at in the console:

\map qbeast
\map qdolphin
\map qbee

- General Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Player Base : Tourney | Free-For-All
Number of Players : 2-4

- Description -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3 floating maps with a common theme: giant cyber animals.
Here are the tasks of this pack:

*develop not just a map, but an audio-video experience.
*build a solid gameplay, in particular for tourney fights.
*experiment new ways of modelling and texturing.
*have fun.

- Construction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Programs used : JTKRadiant, Q3build, Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop, Painter, Q3Ase, Sound Edit.

- Credits ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

2 soundtraks of the pack aren't original, but they are from:
Photek, Form and Function: "The Water Margin" for Qdolphin;
Aphex Twin, Classics: "Digeridoo" for Qbee.

1 original soundtrack from Captain for Qbeast.

The credits about the testers are written on the qvisions wallpaper.

Sorry for all the guys I forgot in that list.

Thanks also to all people that gave me comments in the forums!

Please, mail me if you decide to review it, or put it in a server.

- Copyright / Permissions ----------------------------------------------------------------
Authors May Not decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels
without previous Quint's permission.
Authors may use the included custom textures & shaders
provided they give note of such in an attached readme.

You MAY distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any electronic means, provided you leave the contents
unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered. This file may not be commercially exploited in any way.