Memento Mori
Memento Mori by ShadoW

A map that shines with excellence. I personally am not a huge fan of Gothic style maps, but this specific map changed my mind very quickly. The author recommends CPMA 2v2 TDM, but I believe FFA to be equally enjoyable with 4 to 12 players. The layout and item placement is well thought out. All of the weapons are included bar the BFG. Quad, YA, RA, and an easy access MegaHealth are also included. The Rail Gun would definitely be the controlling weapon here as of the fact that the map is like moving from one big room to the next, but he made the ability of getting to the Rail Gun a bit of a task either by taking a long way to get it, or taking damage and rocket jumping to grab it, so this should keep rail-whores at a bit of a disadvantage.

Connectivity is also very good as you can take any route and still choose where to go quickly. I would argue with the placement of the grenade launcher as it sits at the highest point of the map where you can literally nade spam on the people below but he has put a bouncer from the bottom up to where it is so you can quickly stop them.

There are many custom textures used by authors such as Evil Lair, Michel "The-Shadow-TS" Duhaime, a very cool teleporter model by Mr.CleaN, and plant model by Nathan Silvers. One of the rooms has a model of a huge hand coming out of a fountain, with blood running down the hand into the pool below it, while hearing the growling sound of nightmare difficulty in the background. Very creepy indeed!!

I believe that this map is well worth making a part of your map collection.

Reviewed by v1l3

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (19 votes)

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