by Hex
q3hexdm2 by Hex

Average Gothic textures coupled with a few razor thin raised walkways. Below par r_speeds and roped off areas. Steep stairs and overly high rooms. I didn't enjoy this map. The map contained some columned sections that looked like they would be great for a RG and RL fight. This did not seem work out however. Item placement was decent but I question being given a Shot Gun while spawning. The author may have done this to stop annoying MG fire, But with the SG being a powerful weapon I wasn't really pushed to pick up another weapon.

Bot play was average. They converged on the staircases to the two raised walkways and of course sticking with the SG.

Good ideas that didn't quite evolve right. Worthy of download time? Possibly not.

Reviewed by VanZeR**

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (9 votes)

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