by Hex

//((((((( q3hexdm2 ))))))))))//


Date : 112202
File Description : Quake III Arena 5-8 player ffa map
Usage : Unzip and place q3hexdm2.pk3 into your baseq3 directory.
: Start a multiplayer game and select q3hexdm2 or
: type "\map q3hexdm2" at the console.


Map Name : q3hexdm2
Filename : q3hexdm2.zip
Number of players : 5-8
Author : Steve DuBe' (Hex)
Email Address : **email removed**



Thanks to the folks at Burial Grounds, Quake3world and elsewhere for their testing and feedback.




Base : New level from scratch.
Editor used : Wolf Radiant, q3radiant202
: Q3Build for GTKRadiant v 2.0
Construction time : forever. :)
Build Time : vis 5001,
: light -extra 17793 seconds
: aas -optimize 100 sec
Build machine : p4 2.4/533@2.7 512MDDR333 GeForce4200Ti Ultra2 scsi




Yves "evil lair" Allaire and his evil series www.planetquake.com/hfx
IKbase series by Iikka KERÄNEN www.planetquake.com/ikq
Sock's "graveyard" skybox. www.planetquake.com/simland
Sock's textures from bltpalace www.planetquake.com/simland
Kiltron textures www.planetquake.com/meanarena
Pile Drivers artwork from pdcottage www.mfds.cjb.net
id's Q3A textures

Shaders: All of the original texture artists.
I modified some of the shaders to fit the maps needs.
Also resaved some tgas as jpgs to reduce filesize.

Models: Teleporter model by Yves "evil lair" Allaire

Thanks to id software and the id community without whose resources this map would not exist.



Do whatever you like with this map with only these restrictions:

You may distribute q3hexdm2 electronically for free, provided you include this unmodified text file.

You may not distribute q3hexdm2 by any method with the intention of generating monetary compensation nor may you bundle q3hexdm2 with any other package for sale without first contacting me and gaining my approval. Doing so might bring the Hammer of Thor upon your head, bad karma, nightmares, and/or the supersonic collision of a depleted uranium slug with your chest.