"Rocket" Arena

Bit of a strange mix this one. Inspired by the Geocomp2 winner, Minima by Bengal, yet nothing really like it. The level theme is that of an evil scientist lab with a large missile in the middle.

The gameplay can be a lot of fun but not much else. This is primarily due to the RA3 style layout. All weapons are included, plus a mix of power-ups and the grappling hook, which makes getting the BFG pretty easy. Just like in RA3, you spawn with a solid collection of weapons, so there is little need to search out a decent firearm. This allows you to get straight back into the action.

The objective of the level was beyond the mapping experience of the author, so thumbs up for trying - its the best way to learn - however the end result also reflects this.

In many ways this level is a miss but it can be a bit of fun in a 3 player DM with all the weapons and power-ups present.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: "Rocket" Arena by remnent