"Rocket" Arena
title : "Rocket" Arena
version : 1.0
release date : 26 May 2006
filename : rocketarena.bsp
author : remnent
email address : **email removed**
website : remnent.s5.com
This map is for the www.leveldesign.nl Geocomp4 mapping competition.
I really like the 'minima' map that won the geocomp2, and I like to
make maps in that style (very simple geometry), so I entered this competition.
However, I got an idea to do this map, which is really out of my comfort zone.

I wanted an evil scientist lab or alien world with a rocket launch area.
I wanted to have a "test-fire" button that would be used to guard the quad.
I also wanted the option to actually launch the rocket after a certain time,
but didn't see how that would work with gameplay (let alone mapping it).
I also wanted see through cargo areas that could be accessed by
breaking them to get to the weapons, etc.

Somehow with my limited mapping abilities, I was actually able to learn
and make these things happen. I am happy that I was able to make those
things a reality, but in the end- my abilities and this map are really not
good enough to even be in the Geocomp4. I would pull it out, but I hate
when a competition ends up with no entries. (I did win a quake mapping
comp. because no one else entered...).

I also enjoy shooting more than gathering weapons, so the Rocket Arena
method of starting with weapons is used, except for the Rail. You can shoot
through the chain-link floor, but not through the vertical support trusses.
Extract the .zip to your /baseq3 directory
Hit ~ and type /sv_pure 0
then type /map rocketarena
then type /addbot xaero (etc...)

[play information]
game : Quake3Arena
type : ffa, tourney
players : 2-4 recommended
bot support : yes

custom shaders : no
custom sounds : yes, music done by me: remnent. Song called groover
start points : 4 human, 4 bot: each location starts with one type of weapon.
weapons :BFG and Grapple are included, but are turned off when
playing in "team" mode.
custom textures : yes (10 total per the Geocomp4 rules)
remnent: (1) h1 (2) s2 (3) s5 (4) s6
baseq3: (5) xsupport2 (6) proto_fence (7) yellow_rustbx12
(8) glass01 (9) lavahell (10) slime1

editor(s) : GtkRadiant 1.4
construct time : on and off for 1.5 months
other tools : Paint Shop Pro 5.0
known bugs : can get somewhat stuck at top of stairs between slime tanks.
The game also hangs periodically with bots. It used to totally
freeze, but I hope that is fixed. The stack of data discs is
a button, but doesn't activate anything.

[thanks to]
Chadly for beta testing

You may distribute this BSP (as if you would...) through any electonic network , ie.
internet etc, provided you include this file and leave the
archive intact.

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