Bones' Basement
Bones' Basement by Eraser

A very small Tourney map by well known mapper Eraser. It is a one room, squared arena, with an upper gallery and some protected passages in the corners. Beside the latter, there is nowhere to hide making the gameplay quite fast-paced. Moreover, all respawns are in the open area, with suggest map domination can be a problem. This is perhaps the reason why the author decided not to include a red armor or MegaHealth, in which case someone good at timing items would absolutely dominate the map.

Brushes are simple, but no more is needed, as gameplay really takes over your attention. Textures are nicely chosen for the atmosphere. The lighting is a bit dark, but this is compensated by having Bones as the default bot.

The rather large download (28 MB) includes a demo of the author playing the map as well as a ambient music. The latter makes for 26 MB of the total file and is in all honestly nothing interesting. Would have been better to remove from file altogether.

Overall, the map has a huge potential to be fun, but you need to find a proper skill match, particularly if playing with another human. Otherwise the design of the map will push one player to dominate the other, affecting the experience. Personally, I think it is a keeper.

Reviewed by raspatan

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: Bones' Basement by Eraser