Welcome Home
Welcome Home by Wolfen

Detail and superb architecture are the first things you will notice on loading this Gothic themed map. The layout is nice and open and has good game flow for 3 to 6 player FFA games. Tourney games are a little on the slow side; often more of a hunt than anything else. The 8meg sound file does add to the levels atmosphere but its still extra to download. Some areas may cause a slow down on lower end PC's but this would have to be the only downer. Bots play fine, but seem a little easier than normal and seldom go for the Rocket Launcher.

A beautifully constructed level, best for FFA games. (The pk3 is not compressed, expands to ~16megs)

Update - A light weight version (~1.8meg) without the sound file can be downloaded from the ..::LvL Mirror (30th Aug, 2000)

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (14 votes)

Download: Welcome Home by Wolfen