Concrete's Contentment
Concrete's Contentment by Gooball

This map by Gooball is a rather decent ordinary arena looking very much like Quake 2. If anything, it has very nice architecture and textures used very wisely. I liked the industrial feel here.

As for the gameplay, I thought it was rather good. The map plays best with no more than 3 players due to how cramped it is. When played against 5 bots (as recommended), there is a high chance of hitting a bot by simply shooting with your eyes closed.

Bots were rather predictable and too easy to kill when they tried to wait for that one lift. The fog at the bottom of that one pit where the teleporter is got on my nerves because of how it obscured my vision of what I was trying to do - shoot bots!

Weapon and item placement was okay and I thought they were well placed. My only suggestion to the author is to make his maps larger if he insists on more players, because this is more of a tournament kind of map.

The level overall was adequate and I may even keep it for a while.

Reviewed by SW12

Second opinion

This simple three-story duel map by GooBall is showing a lot of improvement over his previous submissions. Unlike his other maps, this one does not seem to have any missing texture issues, even if you do not have mapmedia.pk3. (tested through a plain, unmodified copy of Q3) It also seems to have a better overall focus on gameplay.

As you can tell by the map name, there is a whole lot of concrete here! The Quake 2 minimalist style is pulled off pretty well, although there are a few questionable texture choices here and there and the abruptness of the texture changes could have been made better with some wall trims, though this nitpicking. Purple fog is used to add that finishing touch to the lowest part of the map.

The arena is slightly box-shaped, although the brushwork helps get rid of the box map feeling and make it more interesting. Each floor contains different goodies. The bottom floor has a RL, the second floor has a PG, GL, and SG, and the third floor has a RA and RG. The third floor can be accessed quickly through the teleporter, although you can also use the jump pads and elevators.

Gameplay is extremely fast, but due to the size I would advise sticking to 1-on-1 games, and if you must venture off that course, go for 3-player FFA's. The emphasis of duel games is obviously the RA at the top. Being up so high, you already have an advantage of height over your opponent, so personally I would have placed the RA lower to make it riskier to obtain. You can, however, play it in ProMode and enable Damage Thru Floors, then spam rockets or plasma at the walkway underside. The jump pads which take you to the PG can cause you to bump your head on the grated walkway if you come from underneath it, but it is a minor, easily avoided technical issue.

Bots played okay.

You might not end up keeping it, but it is a decent attempt and worth a try.

Reviewed by EmeraldTiger.

Tigs notes: The zip file includes a __MACOSX folder which is not required and can be deleted.

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Concrete's Contentment by Gooball