Leafland by skin[NCN]master

Leafland is a medium sized CTF map and it comes with a very original theme. As you spawn in the game you will find out that the whole arena is in fact a small pool hidden somewhere deep in magic woods! Scenery is quite impressive.

The battle takes place mostly on the leaves of various plants growing from the pool. You can also move on the water surface as if it was solid ground but you can see blue deeps bellow.

Textures are all custom, as well as the skybox and there is a good use of ambient sound. A ring of mysterious fog surrounds the place and completes the atmosphere of this map.

This really is something completely different from the classic gothic/base theme. It looks quite nice but the performance may suffer on slower systems, especially with growing number of players. Bot support is included but bots don't seem to play very well. They can not deal with the leafy stuff properly :) Still you can give botplay a chance with you have to.

This map is really worth seeing. It's theme is quite unique so I think you may want to keep it. Note: map source file is included in the PK3, so if you are interested you can see how this was build.

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Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (19 votes)

Download: Leafland by skin[NCN]master