Black Belvedere
by Kell
Black Belvedere by Kell

Before you read the rest you can start downloading this one! :) Black Belvedere is great, perfectly build map filled with the atmosphere of ancient battle. Nearly all the action takes place outdoors except for few buildings of antique appearance. Map layout is set for CTF at the first plan, so there are same parts of map for each team connected with central valley with antique belvedere :). There are roads and valleys in the hilly terrain, and small fortress (or bunkers) at the end of each teams part (where flag in CTF mode is). All TeamArena game modes are also supported.

Textures and lighting (and skybox) are perfect and together with added sound make up really impressive world. First time i spawned in this map I was just like :o - I could feel the upcoming battle in the air, I just found myself in the time of ancient heroes :) Not many maps have this. Nice trees are set in the terrain, they are not clipped so they don't affect gameplay. I haven't play much yet but I think the CTF gametype suits this map best. And if possible 6 vs 6 or more players, because it's quite large. Bots don't play bad but the real fun lies in the human matches.

Great work Kell! I think everyone will keep this. DOWNLOAD! :)

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