Junk Data
by Bal
Junk Data by Bal

This last map by Bal is a farewell-map of his days in Q3-mapping, and furthermore is an outstanding effort, albeit his last. What we have here is an industrial station, using Rorshach's textures, set in space with great detail. The general flow of the map and the great weapon placement are what make this map so fragalicious!

The map has excellent opportunities to ambush your opponents. For example, a Rocket Launcher is located at the higher level of a U-turn which makes you able to jump all of a sudden right in front of your opponent with a descending rocket. When pulled off well the architecture can be used to remain unseen and your LAN-mates are in for a total surprise.

The Grenade Launcher on top of the map has a perfect position for knocking off skulls from above with a pack of grenades, by surprise. Often you'll have the 'where did he come from?!' - ironic feeling.

Furthermore, Bal has paid attention to detail while keeping a fast framerate. This has been pulled off quite well with simple but clever solid architecture and use of an amazing skybox. The lighting isn't outstanding but certainly is good enough. It really feels like you're in space, even though the map is entirely indoors.

Great action from 3 to 8 players. The only shame is that this map is not recommended for botplay (hint! hint!). However, if you play online or on LAN, download now!

Reviewed by PrezzoX

Update: Thanks to Incognito, you can now download a version of this release that includes bots that play the entire level. This has been made possible due to Bal including the map source in the original release. Grab the improved bot supported version of Junk Data and enjoy. Note: If you are after the original release, use the main download links on the review. (1st Mar, 2012)

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: Junk Data by Bal