Maps you never get tired of playing
Started by Geniraul
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#2   10 Feb 2023
Here's my list of custom maps that I habitually play when I play Quake 3. I rarely play Q3 vanilla, so I usually see potential for mods to be the cavalry to save some of these maps.

Cityrush by Hack-Writer
The very first custom map I ever played, still hits to this day

Lifeline by Mikko Sandt
One of the first maps I played. The BFG ammo isn't out of place if you play Generations Arena

Gormenghast by zyg0t3
Another map I played early on that has a cool theme and unique gameplay

poptart by NaturalSpringWater
Best Q3 take on residential realism. The scavenger hunt is a challenge.

Hogwarts by Comic Relief
A classic that never gets old! Fanservice to Harry Potter fans.

Botulism by PE#668
Had to decompile and recompile to make it work for me, but the reward was lots of creative ideas we can get from looking at this map.

Frozen Colors by 79DieselRabbit
Played it a long time ago but enjoyed the vibe it gave me. I really felt the cold weather just by the visuals and the wind blowing!

ColdWar CTF & TA by sedric
I like the layout

Polaris by MopAn
Winter/Arctic-themed terrain map I enjoy a lot

Leviathan by MopAn
Fairy-tale themed terrain CTF map I really enjoy

Barcelona Pavilion by gloogun
Originally I thought the Barcelona Pavilion was a rest stop (it looks like many I've visited). At least playing this map encouraged me to look it up.

Platform M26, Hibernia, North Atlantic by gloogun
Finally! A floater where the water skybox is backed with ACTUAL WATER!

All Your Base Are Belong To Us by KnightMB
One of my favorite Urban maps due to the moving cars and trucks.

Quarea 51 by M. Kupfer
A fun map with a cool theme and intriguing things to explore!

Space Arena 1-4 by Deek
I got a kick out of them. Looking back they could have been done better, but they do give me ideas for space maps...

Passing Uranus by Wakey
Awesome atmosphere. Would've been good for a machinima on a starship IMO

sgdtt5 by Deathhead tThe Tormentor
I like the layout and the gothic castle theme. Just wish he used a better skybox (or any for that matter)

In The Well of Time by Blurr
Cool fairy-tale themed map with teleporters and clever secrets! I originally was expecting it to be a CTF map, but apparently the bridge from the castle just goes to a tower.

Desert Temple by LordSquart
Fun desert terrain map. Best played with the Hunt mod.

Nu Clear Lunch Time by Requiem
Like the microwaving pizza and Team America song that plays on the radio!

the ultimate race by chris
Fun to mess around with!

Tokays Towers Q3 by Rainbow_Zanadar
Skeleton easter egg makes this one worthwhile

Bones and Pieces of Eight by Blurr
Blurr did a fantastic job capturing the tropical vibe. Seagulls squawking, rolling waves, fitting custom textures, and more!

CoralCTF by Willow
A archipelago map in CTF AND a Team Arena version? Yes please!!

Kineterra1 by Kit Carson & Nemo
Awesome layout and architecture makes it fun with mods. Also love the Age of Empires II defeat music that plays in the bases

Water Giant by Castle
Probably my favorite ctf terrain map of all time

Derwyll's Castle 2 by Noruen
Landscape reminded me of Ilum from SWTOR

Britney Spears Castle by Seb
Fun to play in Annihilation, Generations, and the Hunt mod.

Q3 High by RivrStyx
Love the atmosphere. Had fun in the Hunt mod.

Econ-V by Europa & Slater
I mess around with this one from time to time. Reminds me of a Jedi Academy map:

The Death Strip (one of my own maps)
A custom map I made to satisfy my own desire in custom maps.

Testing Procedures by Eraser
Probably my favorite EntityPlus map

Troubled Sleep by Rroff
My favorite snow-themed CTF map. We needed an urban CTF map for the winter time!!

I'd add more realism-style maps to this list, but I think I've made it long enough.

Geniraul Rep. 985
#3   11 Feb 2023
This is interesting, and it's cool to see you also mentioned 7 maps that are ones of my favorites :) Will take a look at the rest.

Gormenghast by zyg0t3
Another map I played early on that has a cool theme and unique gameplay

Oh yes, OGGG1 is a truly amazing map!

Frozen Colors by 79DieselRabbit
Played it a long time ago but enjoyed the vibe it gave me. I really felt the cold weather just by the visuals and the wind blowing!

That's exactly how I feel on this map, it seems so lightweight and I can almost inhale the fresh, humid and moderately cold air there C: And the openness of the environment makes it feel really windy)
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hiinternet Rep. 0
#4   22 Feb 2023
youve said too many things, what are you actually saying?
Geniraul Rep. 985
#5   22 Feb 2023
Hum, in my last post I was replying to KommissarReb's post, and as for the OP, I provided the TL;DR section at the top, so I'm really not sure what's the problem ;)
HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#6   26 Feb 2023
my tastes change over time. and many faves have already been mentioned here. but it is alway enjoyable reading other person's tastes. some I really enjoy playing are: storm3tourney5, storm3tourney8, mvdm11, oxodm1, ct3dm5, avrdm1b, rota3dm5, natedm1. some of these have never left my baseq3 once they were released
Geniraul Rep. 985
#7   27 Feb 2023

OXODM1 is a truly worthy remake. Maybe I'd visit this map more often, if I played more CS:GO.

HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#8   14 Mar 2023
@Geniraul. something i pulled out the other day, that I don't know if you tried is the first burial grounds map pack. i used to play on this all the time esp bgmp3 and bgmp4. these used to get played in excessive a lot. i thought they were worth a mention because if you like City 1 for its openness and ability to hold large player loads you should like these. the accelerator pads in the regen room of bgmp3 give you some really good acceleration to cover the length of the map quickly
Geniraul Rep. 985
#9   14 Mar 2023
I downloaded this pack 8 days ago, gotta try it out. Thanks for the suggestion!
Geniraul Rep. 985
#10   14 Mar 2023
@HelterSkeleton I checked out the map pack and you were right about BGMP3: it's a really amazing map, and the jump pad platforms do add the dynamism to the gameplay.
Personally, I'm not a big fan of BGMP4, but BGMP1 and BGMP2 are pretty cool, IMO.

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