inextremis by Charon

If I had to hand out a Most Improved Mapper for 2001 award, it would, without hesitation, go to Charon. This talented mapper has found his calling. Inextremis sports a flashy red industrial texture set from Rorshach, and does a pretty good job at recreating a space mining facility. The visuals in this map are jaw-dropping, even if r_speeds are a little steep in areas. Three entangled atriums are the foundation of this wonderful Tourney experience. Weapon balance is on for the most part, tho having the rail and RA only a jump apart is a bit of a mistake in my opinion. FFA play is intense. Bots handle this one with no problems.

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Reviewed by Jay

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (115 votes)

Download: inextremis by Charon