Stranglehold (FFA)
Stranglehold (FFA) by Jax_Gator

Stranglehold is a retro-gothic DM with a Classic Quake feel and a very wide open layout. There are certain areas within the level that touch on Sleepwalkr's Aerowalk and ZTN's Blood Run, both timeless classics. The lava hazards add a little fun for humans, but unfortunately the bots couldn't keep themselves out of them. Item placement is good, tho ammo runs scarce at times. Suitable for 2v2s as well as 6 player FFA's, give Stranglehold a peek - you'll probably keep it. You can frag away on Jax's maps on the Burial Grounds customs server.

A solid effort from my old friend Jax.

Reviewed by Jay

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (22 votes)

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