Stranglehold (FFA)
Stranglehold (FFA) by Jax_Gator
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PHOB unregistered
#24   22 Mar 2013
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ephixx unregistered
#23   06 Feb 2002
it's a good work in spite of tasteing such as an already-seen map ('cause of the textures maybe).. i appreciated this level for its graphical clearness .. too many "balls" of light.. i don't like balls of light. anyway, well done.
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The Hubster unregistered
#22   30 Jan 2002
Sorry to ststir, but it's like saying that Painkiller is by ID Software! Come on!


Jay: Keep playing Promode then! I switch between the two all time, not to mention that I play a lot of QII as well...

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The Hubster unregistered
#21   30 Jan 2002

Come to #promode m8:P I'm working on it as we speak:-)

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Jay unregistered
#20   30 Jan 2002
You know what's funny? I played Promode a while ago to the point where I started getting used to it, and using the altered physics etc.., and that scared me off! I stopped playing it because I was afraid that it would screw up my VQ3 play, which is sad because I really liked it. I wish it were officially a "standard."
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Octovus unregistered
#19   30 Jan 2002
Yes we all want something like Hubster's aerowalk remix next (hopefully I'm not getting my author's messed up here). Kinda surprising Tig didn't catch Jay's error in the map authors (not that I would have had the faintest).
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xfoo unregistered
#18   30 Jan 2002
Speaking of CPMA maps being so good, where's YOUR next one Hubster? =P
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The Hubster unregistered
#17   29 Jan 2002
Octovus: Good to see:-)

All jokes aside, it's just THE way to play Q3.

It's got all the cool things we loved from Q2 and QW, rolled into Q3.

The standard of maps coming out now for CPMA are much higher than that for VQ3, imho. Not only that, but more mappers are now making maps for CPMA.

Doesn't that give ppl a hint? (ie, there must be something good about Promode?).

It took me time to get used to the physics too. But when you get there, you realise how much more is possible with Promode. You can play "more" of a map, you can do more things with your skill, and your strategy.

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The Hubster unregistered
#16   29 Jan 2002

Come on though, if you've been around since then, how could you get THAT map wrong, of ALL maps? Its a classic!

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Jay unregistered
#15   29 Jan 2002
Cricket bat to the head? That's a little harsh, don't you think? In fact, I was around when Aerowalk was released. Look, I know that you want to bare the man's children and all (nice remake, btw), so I'm sorry if I crossed a couple wires in my head.
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Octovus unregistered
#14   29 Jan 2002
Hubster: I am and will be doing more seriously. It's just every other map comment thread (at least for the maps that are worth playing in vq3) seems to have a "you have to try this in CPM" comment. I have nothing against it, but it's so often the same people commenting; they can play it in CPM if they want but there's no need to say that every time (unless you're defending a map by pointing out certain CPM physics things that make the layout/item placement more reasonable).
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The Hubster unregistered
#13   29 Jan 2002
Octovus: Why don't you just give Promode a try? It's hell fun y'know:-)
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hannibal unregistered
#12   29 Jan 2002
Sleepwalkr's comin' for ya!! LOL.

I wish the 'tourney' version would have had this large of a footprint (minus the lava pit). Not too bad for FFA funnin'.

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Commander Keen unregistered
#11   29 Jan 2002
I loved the Tourney version and the gothic texturing was carried forward to this map by far JAX's best gothic based map ever.

Smooth game play with many areas for different types of battle.

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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#10   29 Jan 2002
Yes, there is a smaller tourney version of this map out there.

This FFA version is much larger then the tourney version.

This map rocks by the way Jax! Probably my favorite Jax map...besides the tourney version :)

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The Hubster unregistered
#9   29 Jan 2002
Reviewer needs cricket bat in temple: AEROWALK, is by the Preacher. Shame on you for stating very important Quake lore incorrectly! Perhaps you werent around when these timeless classics came out:P
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quint unregistered
#8   29 Jan 2002
Nothing is wrong with this map: layout, lighting, brushing... the only thing I can say is that it features always-the-same gothic textures, but here are used at their best! I love the axial design of Jax... a talented mapper and a very nice person too (he always test my space craps even if he hate space maps!)

9 for me

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xfoo unregistered
#7   28 Jan 2002
Is there a tourney version of this floating around or is it just me?
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pjw unregistered
#6   28 Jan 2002
I like this map a lot--and like some of the earlier posters, I like to play it tourney. :) Great stuff, fun layout, and room for lots of sneakiness. Nice one Jax!
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Cyan Bloodborne unregistered
#5   28 Jan 2002
Great map from an excellent mapper
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Octovus unregistered
#4   28 Jan 2002
I'll make sure not to play it in CPMA :-p (jk). I'm not sure which item placement version of this map I played, I believe it was the first one released. At any rate I thought that the map was a little small for anything much of an FFA and that the back hallways were comparatively disused. It did play quite nicely as a tourney though, with multiple fighting areas and weapons to centre around. Gets an 8 from me, though I'm not sure if I'm reviewing the correct version...


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wviperw unregistered
#3   28 Jan 2002
This map has some sweet gameplay. Make sure to play it in CPMA though to get the full effect.
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Rackat unregistered
#2   28 Jan 2002
Awesome map from an excellent mapper! Glad I got to beta test it!
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#1   28 Jan 2002
I feel lucky. I had a 1v1 bash on this with Tig tonite just before this map went public (he kicked my ass of course). I felt the gameplay was fun and fast paced. Some jumps are hairy but makeable and the teleporters allow quick movement to the upper level in a pinch.

Another solid map from Jax_Gator. Shit just pump 'em out and they're always good.

Good job....again! :)

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