Brithney Spears Castle
by Seb
Brithney Spears Castle by Seb

For Brithney Spears fans the opportunity to drool over mural sized images of the pop princess may overide such minor conerns as game flow. For the rest of us this is just a badly constucted attempt at a Gothic fortress. The lighting is dull, the textures badly used, walls are thin, overlapping brushes and bad architecture complete the level. Maybe the thrill is in shooting at the Brithney posters. For more Brithney excitement you can hit a button for a sound loop. The layout provides lots of open spaces, fun for a few moments in a Deathmatch. Games will last a bit longer in Team Deathmatch mode, which does suit the layout better. The r_speeds get a little high as well. Bots do not have many problems.

For dedicated Brithney fans only

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (31 votes)

Download: Brithney Spears Castle by Seb