Brithney Spears Castle
by Seb
Brithney Spears Castle by Seb
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BoricuaRetroGamer Rep. 84
#14   07 May 2016
Awesome map, and I love Britney Spears too! Keep up the good work bro. Totally recommended!
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#13   25 Jan 2012
I played this map a lot in Generations Arena. I thought the Earth Soldiers Class was perfect for it because I felt like I was an agent infiltrating some Nazi base or something.
Edited 434.49 days after the original posting.
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Geosama90210 unregistered
#12   21 Oct 2011
I like this map.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#11   27 Aug 2011
She's Bald!
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Seb unregistered
#10   05 Jun 2005
After 4 years my map live !!! <Big Smile>
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Phux unregistered
#9   23 Apr 2001

its called "i hate this map"...knightcloud haha

and if u hate brit...dont download it hm!?!?

iI dont like her so i do not...

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Ceelife unregistered
#8   04 Apr 2001
Well - I like this even if its for the sniping value - in a tower with the railgun - I've had loads of fun.

I've played a few of the highly reccomended ones that weren't half the fun of this

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viviviv unregistered
#7   04 Apr 2001
hmmmm i'd dl'd this map just to spank my monkey :)~~~

i hate britney too but man i'de like to make her howl at the moon

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#6   03 Apr 2001
I hate maps like these one ,But a humen in these world his pic in game>

What the heck?!

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pornstar unregistered
#5   03 Apr 2001
ol pornstar is makin a britney q3 model! i got nothin to do with this map btw
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featured ripper unregistered
#4   03 Apr 2001
SEB, keep the pre-teen fantasy pop stars in your "other" fantasy world.
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Ping Floyd unregistered
#3   03 Apr 2001
This map is kind of a rip-off of the original "Castle" which is much better. Exteriors anyway. I can't recommend it either,I think this was one of the few of mine to actually go to the recycle bin.
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not entered unregistered
#2   03 Apr 2001
regardless of what you say, it's dumb as fuck
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MACHINE ROCK unregistered
#1   03 Apr 2001
OK, a lot of poeple are going to blast this thing for being kind of lame, but I've been playing the beta for months now, and I just love the sniper aspect of it. Maybe it's just the Lee Oswald in me, but I do. And, yeah, I hate Britney; but I love the Grassy Knoll aspects more...
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