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Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things
Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things by Lunaran

A great place to frag, but man its tight. The structure is very quake2 - it looks like one of the many good quake2 maps, but the Quake3 features remind you of just where you are. The big curved glass panels and beautiful jump pads really finish the level off. Gameplay seems to be suited to three players, but a 1on1 was well paced. There are even a few spots where a plasma jump can come in handy too :] Bots have problems with the a few of the items placements, but they make up for it with what they can get to.

A cool blue and tight fast map but maybe a bit too Quake2 like for some.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (219 votes)

Download from: MH Gaming or ..::LvL

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