Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things
- File Information -------------------------------------------------------- 06.13.2000 ---
Title : Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things
Filename : lun3dm2.pk3
Author : Lunaran
Email Address : **email removed**
Please don't ask me to help out with your mod. I'm already on one.
Web Site : Visit lunaran.fragland.net
Previous Releases : lun3dm1 - Coriolis Storm, Q3DM
lun2dm1 - The Gridlock, Q2DM
westfront - Westfront Facility, HLDM
complex - The Complex, Q2DM
Installation : To install, simply unzip and place lun3dm2.pk3 in your baseq3
directory wherever you installed Quake3: Arena. The map should now
be accessible via the Multiplayer menu or by typing "\map lun3dm2" at
the console without the quotes.
Acknowledgements : Anyone who liked lun3dm1, id, everyone at QMap, Nug, and Bill Stuckey
Facknowledgements : id for the wonderfully smart bots, and those wonderfully helpful
attendees of the Q3World Level Editing Forum for answering all of my
Beta Testers : than, Killer, Scampie, NotoriousRay, DeathMonger, Auhsan, "Barf Hubris,"
Alcatraz & his team

- Play Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Player Base : Free-For-All, 1 on 1
Default Bots : Doom, Gorre, Razor, Wrack, Lucy
Number of Players : 2-6
Item Load : 2 SGs, RL, RG, PG, LG, GL, 2 YAs, RA, MH, Haste.

- Construction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Base : New level from scratch (old unused Q2 level design)
Texture Scheme : LunBase (blue)
Construction Time : ~40 hours over 30 days
Prefabs Used : None
Average R_Speeds : 4200 world, entities, no players
Worst Case R_Speeds : 5800 world, entities, no players
Editor(s) used : QERadiant 197
Known Issues : The Quake3 bots are UNBELIEVABLY STUPID. ... so that isn't really an
issue with the map as such, but it certainly affects solo play.
Several items, including the RL, require a simple jump to reach. The
Q3 bots are completely incapable of jumping to anything without the
assistance of a jumppad, and henceforth none of them can get the RA
without dropping onto it from above, none use the RL, and none go for
the Regen or Megahealth.
: I have tried several user add-on bots, and the only one that adds
capability of jumping to an item is the RWG_BotAI tweak,
(www.quotientsystems.com/q3), and even then performance is damn
sorry. They do actually grab the RL and MH, but only once in a blue
: Henceforth, I strongly reccomend you play this map with living beings
until some better bots come out (or you die, whichever comes first).
If you are a diehard solo person like I am, use the RWG bot or, likely
more enjoyably, play a different map altogether.
: In an ideal world, the pulse of the lights would sync with the pulse of
the sound, but Q3 apparently does not aggressively track what times
things happen, and so the two can sometimes come out of sync after a
teleportation or a visit to the MH.
: The engine likes to apply a very light blue haze of fog to the cieling
of the dome room. It's invisible if you aren't looking for it and
doesn't affect gameplay.

- Compilation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Q3Map BSP Time : 20 seconds
Q3Map VIS Time : 12 seconds
Q3Map LIGHT Time : 1 hour, 40 minutes
Lighting Params : -extra
Compile Computer : PII 300mhz, 128 megs of RAM, Win98

- Copyright / Permissions ----------------------------------------------------------------
Authors May Not decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels. Make your own
damned maps.
Authors may use the included custom textures & shaders, or modifications thereof, provided
they give note of such in an attached readme. Also be sure to use directories and filenames
different than those in lun3dm2.pk3, or else you run the risk of having both maps excluded
from pure servers.
You MAY distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any electronic means, provided
you leave the contents unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered. This file may
not be commercially exploited in any way.

| -- "It's the platinum record Bumpus got |
| for 'Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things.'" |