Polaris by MopAn

The best way to describe this map is "epic sized". Two simple open topped forts are perched on the side of a mountain and the only way to them is through a labyrinthine network of passages that run through the entire mountain. Best put on your running shoes because this map is huge! After all you have to run through out an entire mountain to hit the other base and this can take up to close to two minutes depending on the route you pick. Despite the size the trip is nice because the mapper has spent a fair amount of time making a good looking map. Ice and cold themes are throughout the map. Hanging icicles adorn the ceilings small bergs float in water in the mountains center, the flag castles sit on sheets of ice. Even the sound cues of crackling ice are well placed.

Game play is very good. The ice forts can be well defended and are a tough nut to crack. Once you have the flag you are in for a long run back to your base, but there are many twists and turn to allow you to ditch pursuers. Plenty of weapons Items and power ups have been thoughtfully placed to help your flight. All weapons except the BFG are in the map although the Rail Gun is somewhat well hidden. Powerups are the MH, INVS and Haste. All are helpful in the map and the INVS is really well balanced. Allowing just enough time to reach the flag before fading away.

Bot play is so so, they use multiple paths to reach a base but have a strong preference for attacking the flag from the left side of the fort: However if you have the flag they will relentlessly pursue you. Still, the map just rocks when you add humans to it. My group lost the better part of a weekend on this one.

This monster of a map also comes in TA and 3wave flavors but for some reason it just chokes on my computer in TA. Second hand info from my buddies tell me that it works well in both of the other formats, But you will have to be the judge on that.

Like CTF, and good looking maps, you gotta have this one.

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (92 votes)

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