All Your Base Are Belong To Us
All Your Base Are Belong To Us by KnightMB

A city under military control is the setting for this Team Arena level with a definite Half-Life feel. Army trucks move about the city streets and the odd police car turns up. The street environment is a lot more successful than the cramped rooms inside. The Flag room could have benefited from a more open layout and more room. With the current layout Flag defence is guarding the entrances to the building, not the Flag. The interior layout is so tight the Gauntlet becomes a very useful weapon. The architecture and texturing within the buildings could be a lot better. Harvester games are the best, CTF games are next best. Overload and One Flag CTF have a few issues with the layout but can still be fun. Bots play without too many problems but can be a little predictable.

Good theme and ideas and can be fun for a few games.

Update: A small bug has been corrected in the current download. (23.Aug.2008)

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (27 votes)

Download: All Your Base Are Belong To Us by KnightMB