All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Title : All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Game : Quake III Arena
Add ons : Team Arena
Mods : none required

Author : Michael "KnightMB" Brown
Author Email's : **email removed**
Author Web Site's :
Feedback : I encourage you to send it.
Release Date : March 14, 2001
Files : knightmb1-ta.pk3
Maps : knightmb1-ta.bsp

* Description *
City Theme level that supports CTF, OneFlag, Overload, & Harvester.
The map contains moving vehicles, lots of sniper points, and lots
of space to run around outside.

* Play Instructions *
Kill or Be Killed. You can always ride around town
on the trucks :)
The map should show up in your TA menu just fine.

* Tips *
The Map contains 6 secret areas. 4 areas for powerups and 2 area
just for giggles.

* Play Information *

Game Modes : FFA, Team DM, CTF, OneFlag, Harvester, Overload
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
Demos Replaced : None

* Credits *
Truck Prefabs: (big thanks!)
**email removed**

Police Car Models: (another big thanks!!)
**email removed**

Red_Tall, Green_Tall, White_Tall texture from modified Blue_Tall texture
from Quake 3 Arena by ID Software.

Additional Textures from (which is now dead)

Help with testing and development: (mega big thanks!!)
Neo Cerberus
Quake 3 World Forum People (Team Arena and Level Editing Forum)
ID Software (c)


Unzip and place knightmb1-ta.pk3 and knightmb1-ta.txt
in the baseq3 or missionpack directory (try missionpack first to keep your stuff organized)

* Previous levels by author

-- Quake III Arena --
Some on my hard drive

-- Quake II--
4tctf2 and 4tctf3 for the Quake 2 4-Team CTF Mod

-- Doom2--
64 Custom Maps made for the game.

levels available at:
No where!!
I still have them :)

* Construction *
Base : Started Back in 1998
Construction Time : 3 Years
Editor Used : GTK Q3Radiant 1.1Beta

* System *
PII 450MHz
GeForce DDR

* Compile Data *
Anyone actually read that?

* Known Bugs *
Trucks can still be stopped by wedging players. Simply all that happens
is two trucks become one (when it catches up to the stopped one)

* Design Philosophy and Discussion *
Make them fun!! I love maps with secrets and other tricks to them.

* Copyright / Permissions *
Quake 3 Arena (c)
ID Software (c)
Team Arena (c)

This is your file, you're going to do whatever you want regardless of what
I say :) If you want to rip the textures, sounds, or map just let me
know, ask first. I'm not selling the map, so I expect nothing except to provide
something fun to the community. The EULA with Quake III Arena and Team Arena states
no copying on physical media for distribution. That means you need to ask ID software
first and then me (the author) if you want to distribute the map in such a way.
That doesn't mean you can't e-mail it to your best friend, hehe.