Impaled by [Kona]

A very solid 5 to 7 player DM map that doubles up as an intense 6 to 8 player asymmetrical CTF level. The two flag rooms are quite different in shape and path entrance but are still well balanced. The only real problem is the lack of a flag base locator and location entities (used to inform other players where you are). A few more red and blue markings would have been nice too. Otherwise the game play as a CTF is very fast and addictive with small teams. As a FFA the map is well paced and connected, with sparse health and well positioned weapons. A combination which leads to fast and furious games. Texture and lighting are both fine but nothing too exciting. Bots play the level well in both DM and CTF games.

An enjoyable level, great for a small LAN.

Ranked: 2.9 out of 5 (11 votes)

Download: Impaled by [Kona]