Impaled by [Kona]
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Johnny Law unregistered
#5   01 Jun 2001
He means just something to visually mark the spot where the flag stands.

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MopAn unregistered
#4   01 Jun 2001
Ok, I think gameplay is really great. Boom-sound rocks, mh a little small, low details and

what the...good one!!!! Thick atmoshere!!

Oh whats about the flag base locator stuff?

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q3freak unregistered
#3   01 Jun 2001
Yes, I like this map, but often I think, I am in a labyrinth, cause there are to less blue and red textures for orientation.
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[Kona] unregistered
#2   31 May 2001
hi thanx for the review and comments guys. for the next ctf i'll have to learn what the flag base locator and location entities are. well ok it's obvious, but now i know they exist! :P
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Commander Keen unregistered
#1   31 May 2001
I've been following Kona's work for some tme now and so far everthing he's done I have liked. he's on of my top 5 favorite mappers. ;)

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