toejam3 by Toetag[tex] & ManicGibber

A blocky concrete bunker of a map. The layout is largely made up of stacked blocks which creates surprisingly good game flow in what is essentially a box map. Texturing hasn't been well used, its often a little dull or confusing. For instance, the caution texture used for launch pads is misleading and the shimmering concrete is over used.

The position of the Jump Pads with the Q3A window texture is very questionable. They just make no sense at all in their current location and only cramp the areas they are in. It is also possible to camp up above in the blackness by standing on one of the ledges (above the Rail Ammo).

That said the game play can still be fun for a few rounds. Bots play the level without problems.

Fun for a few rounds.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: toejam3 by Toetag[tex] & ManicGibber