Cellular Rage
by pjw
Cellular Rage by pjw

The architecture is simple but very effective with a series of interconnected ledges and open walkways over a number of levels providing heaps of vertical action in this large map. Its the kind of level where you have to watch every direction at once. Rail shots come out of nowhere and Rockets wiz past. The layout is a little reminiscent of the Quake 1 level Acrophobia (DM7) with all the ledges, walkways with drops below. A clear blue sky and glimpses of an alpine mountain range work well as a back drop. Item placement is well considered, for instance, the BFG is difficult to get to but not ridiculous. A very enjoyable game for DM and 3on3 team matches, with the right amount of people you will use most of the map. Bots play the level without problems but probably better suited to DM games.

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Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (29 votes)

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