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Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare by John Seward

A good looking map, the author has an eye for aesthetics but unfortunately, the game flow is pretty flat. The connectivity is limited to a pre-defined circuit or two and the action is mostly horizontal. There is a teleporter which you reach by going through two doors and down a corridor. This kind of thing only slows down game flow, it could have just been to a teleporter without the short hallway. Then there are a few major technical errors. The map has been boxed in a sky box, this is one way to make the level compile correctly. Its kind of a cheat though and means for instance, the r_speeds are higher than they should be and unnecessary polygons are drawn. Not really acceptable in a finished map. There is also no .arena file so the level will not show up in the menu. Bots play the level fine.

Looking good but wait for the authors next map.

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (5 votes)

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