Threewave CTF
Screenshot for Threewave CTF by Zoid and Casey
Added: 30 Dec, 1999   More than 15 years old Has been a featured release Has been downloaded more than 10,000 times Over 50 comments. Over 99 votes. A 360 degree panorama is available. A version of this map is available on Quake Live.
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Three CTF maps released by The ThreeWave Team, all high quality in every way, My only really problem was the vastness of some of them with 3vs3 teams (still the readme says medium size games). The frame rate seems to get a bit low in some points. My personal favourite is Finnegan's Revenge

A must have CTF pack for the fans, but low-end users will want to turn the curves down.

Ranked:   4 out of 5 (total votes: 245)
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