Threewave CTF
by Zoid & Casey
Threewave CTF by Zoid & Casey
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Tig Rep. 1612
#70   07 Oct 2012
@themuffinator: Correct you are. Title has been updated.
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themuffinator Rep. 1046
#69   06 Oct 2012
I'm probably nitpicking here, but if you're naming map entries as it is stated in the readme files then this should be 'Threewave CTF Addon', not 'q3wctf'.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#68   03 Mar 2012
Played this on QL and it was wonderful :).
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gooball Rep. 1081
#67   05 Sep 2011
Wow, this map was made in 1999, and now it's on Quake Live!
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#66   02 Nov 2010
Some of the best CTF maps ever released for this game. They are superior to the original four ctf maps in every way, and it was a good idea for id to put them on QL. Speaking of which, q3wctf3 just recently made it into Quake Live last week as Finnegans.

If this isnt in your baseq3, I feel very sorry for you. Better yet, download ThreeWave and get a bunch of other cool maps as well. Hey, Im an advertiser!

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cityy unregistered
#65   13 Jun 2009
Again a map of this pack is going quakelive - Q3wctf2 or Courtyard Conundrum.
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cityy Rep. 365
#64   02 Jun 2009
You can find the new quake live ctf map bloodlust in here.
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#63   18 Oct 2006
Cool idea Tig... this featured level thingy
and a fine choice you´ve made.
Just installed threewave a few days ago (again) and played these really really nice maps over and over and over again, against the bots.
Then I saw you put this ´blast from the past´ here on ..::LvL

man, it rang my chimes...

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death tap unregistered
#62   02 May 2003
worth the game play.
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sir dalu unregistered
#61   13 May 2002
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The Loader unregistered
#60   07 Sep 2001
10 that´s it !!
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Entropy unregistered
#59   03 Jun 2001
#2 is by far the best of the three, but everything considered, they're all good maps. Play is a little slow with small teams. Most enjoyable on-line games have been with 6vs6 or more...

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Death unregistered
#58   16 May 2001
Essential for online ctf
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DreamKing unregistered
#57   07 Feb 2001
After playing these maps for almost a year now I have to say they are really excellent! My only complaint is the respawn areas...some are just too close to the enemy's flag. This causes several problems in my opinion:

  1. If you're on defense and get fragged there's a good chance you'll be nowhere near the action of recovering the flag when you respawn.
  1. When you're on offense and returning with the flag there are times you may run into the same person you fragged several times before during the same run.
  1. Many times you respawn in enemy territory and they are just camping there and frag you again and again...very annoying.

Overall though, I give this package a 10.

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Bi0 unregistered
#56   01 Jan 2001
mmmm, phat. These levels are swee-at. Biggup the Zoid 'n' Casey massiv, selecta.
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11 unregistered
#55   27 Nov 2000
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cockmaster unregistered
#54   05 Oct 2000
probably the best ctf maps out there. my favorite by far
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[LA]AZRAEL unregistered
#53   12 Sep 2000
sorry but needed another post !

Bloodlust is actually q3wctf1 , my mistake and of course the best is the q3wctf2 aldo very fast and happens alot to be both teams searching for the enemy flag carrier , the size helps to finish this situation quick but theres lot of corners to hide thru rj! :)) the other maps require 4vs4 minimun and if there were more rockets for attackers on q3wctf1 (the bigger) the map would be faster! the middle section is great for speed, rjumps and strafe jumps fans! the easy to defend flag room can be breached easily by rjumpers or u need powerups to capture, after all the work to get out usually u get caught in the middle section by a rail. some little improvements would made this map the best of all. one of those maps id love to be beta tester and give my opinion before coming out!

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[LA]AZRAEL unregistered
#52   12 Sep 2000
This 3 maps are great! very good gameplay item placement ,colors and design . The best ctf around! best than the ones in the q3box !!! only problem is the lack of rockets for attackers in q3wctf3 (bloodlust), and bots tend to stick to one entrance in the two bigger maps )the rest is pure Fun, stategy and excelent gamplay!
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-sharky- unregistered
#51   22 Aug 2000
If you want big lev's then here ya go. Good fun -


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1 fragger ;-) unregistered
#50   07 Aug 2000
a reference, a must-play in CTF !
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undeaDDisney unregistered
#49   07 Jul 2000
This custom maps are the only ones, the bots do well on ctf!
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Drunken Boxer unregistered
#48   16 Jun 2000
q3wctf1 - Too big. Looks like it should be a grapple map. Takes for ever to get from flag to flag. Too many powerups.

q3wctf2 - Great map for large teams, sucks for small teams (actually, this applies to all three maps). My fav of the three.

q3wctf3 - Also good. Too many powerups (especially within the bases).

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Manhattan unregistered
#47   27 May 2000
Great maps, wctf2 the best map around for competitive q3ctf no doubt. wctf1 is to easy to defend for the weaker team so they can try a 5 man defense and hope for a draw. but allaround these 3 maps are the best.
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Rumpelstielzchenman unregistered
#46   05 May 2000
call me stupid peups, but i just dont know how to install this map!!! Could someone send me an instruction to

thnx from the stupiest user there probably is!!!

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Kythkin unregistered
#45   30 Apr 2000
I can't recommend these maps, the shader conflicts with the default ctf.shader several textures are screwed up in default maps because of this, dm12 and ctf levels. A few others.
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Why comment unregistered
#44   22 Apr 2000
About something u havent played
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Jim unregistered
#43   27 Mar 2000
hard to believe I never rated these maps. They are some good maps, and of all non-standard Q3 maps I've downloaded, these are certainly the most often played- enough so that I actually consider them to be "standard" by now.

q3wctf1 - Bloodlust- 7

I think this is the weakest of the three. I don't know what it is about it that I don't like- maybe the large sprawling areas, maybe the styling, or maybe the very bright areas in the shallow pools in each base (I hate max-brightness). It plays well tho.

q3wctf2 - Courtyard Conundrum - 9

This map I enjoy very much. Its a very nice layout for a medium sized CTF- and the architecture and detailing are done very well.

q3wctf3 - Finnegan's Revenge - 10

This one is my favorite of the three. Excellent layout, excellend architecture and detailing. Lighting and texturing are very well done. There's not one area of this map that doesn't look good. Item placement and playability are very good. I think this plays best map is best with at least 6-8 players per team, and often the timelimit passes with neither team making more than three caps during a good game.

overall average - 8.67 rounded up to a 9

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not entered unregistered
#42   18 Mar 2000
I LOVE the open areas of the maps. I don't know why everyone is complaining. Aren't you all tired of the cramped levels typical of Quake games? I know I am !!!!!
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scumbucket unregistered
#41   12 Mar 2000
"Finnegan's Revenge" has an upper level and a lower level in the bases. What I don't get is how to get to the other part of the lower level. I never see the bots up there and no amount of Rocket Jumping gets me over there. What's the deal?

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Zero Degree unregistered
#40   29 Feb 2000
I love the length of this map. Also I like it that you can grab just about every weapon near the base instead of having to venture to far out and get killed with only a machine gun. I think there could be a different powerup location. At least a quad damage near the base.. All in All I love this map.
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not entered unregistered
#39   29 Feb 2000
I love the length of this map. Also I like it that you can grab just about every weapon near the base instead of having to venture to far out and get killed with only a machine gun. I think there could be a different powerup location. At least a quad damage near the base.. All in All I love this map.
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serpent2 unregistered
#38   26 Feb 2000
it rocks hard
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Greyfox unregistered
#37   24 Feb 2000
I really like the maps - They are really great maps. Not so good for lower end systems though! The size of them means the frame rate seems a bit laggy on my system for a while but after about 5 minutes it picks up fine.

But maybe thats just on my computer! =)

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Grunt unregistered
#36   23 Feb 2000
I just say WOW! This is the best maps I ever played in CTF (I am by the way a CTF freak) But as I have a 56k modem it took a while to download these maps but it was worth waiting for. I sat for like 3-4 hours (!) with these maps after I downloaded it and I just can't stop playing it. It has the right CTF feeling when you play it. I have no complains, none at all. Keep up mapping, I am thirsty for more!

The Swedish Grunt

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KnightMB unregistered
#35   22 Feb 2000
Nice maps. Probably should have been included with the CD, but I don't mind downloading them because I have a high speed connection. Keep up the good work Zoid.
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Barbiedoll69 unregistered
#34   21 Feb 2000
Well, do I really expect any less from map god Zoid? :)

All three of the new maps are great, albeit a little large.
great for CTF matches over 12 players.

I wish these were included in the original sets. Not that the
4 that came with the game are any less of quality... but after hours of play, you do start to desire variety. I'm glad these new maps are showing up on the servers everywhere.

PS: Zoid, please keep 'em coming!

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Kaled unregistered
#33   19 Feb 2000
These maps are great, and they are even better if you can play them with hook, but I'm not sure if the original CTF's (that came w/game) aren't better when playing with the hook. I have played all of the threewave maps hundreds of times already, and agree that some smaller spaces might be nice, basically they all require a significant amount of team play to be really fun, which is something I find way too absent in most online games.
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Mr.Little Guy unregistered
#32   16 Feb 2000
Better than the original maps!
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Tarbelly unregistered
#31   14 Feb 2000
Veddy Nice! Should have been on the Q3 cd.
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mad-dog unregistered
#30   07 Feb 2000
saved q3ctf! thanx guys
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Renalicious unregistered
#29   07 Feb 2000
Awesome maps! Can't wait till more come out! =D
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McCow unregistered
#28   07 Feb 2000
q3wctf3 is the bomb baby. These are the maps that should have been released with the game imho.

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IRON_MONKEY unregistered
#27   03 Feb 2000
In the past I have been one of the many that have given Zoid shit on the changes that have occured in Q2CTF and Q3CTF over time. I suddenly find myself thinking what it must be like to release an old success mod like ctf for a new Quake3 style game and again much like Q2CTF have fans turn on you about change. So here it is, I been a fool :)! The no grapple call rocks! the new maps rock! Hell bro you rock!. With the exception of "q3ctf4... which should have been Japanese Castles by G1zm0. Good work holding true Zoidman. Keys that first time in Q1 oh yea!. Hell maybe change is good!. Props to you bro!
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Grizzly Killer unregistered
#26   26 Jan 2000
One of the best maps of the moment.

Pretty good...

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[667]TheRipper unregistered
#25   20 Jan 2000
Best maps ever for Q3A

Played them all on a lan with 20 people. they rock!!!!!!!

Zoid rulezz!!!

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Quincy unregistered
#24   16 Jan 2000
q3wctf1 and q3wctf3 are fuckin' great.
Very good use of lightning an curved surfaces.

Q3wctf2 also looks very good, but i dont like it very much. The Base is tooo big. It doesnt match the quality of the other two maps.

But all ctflers must have this Mappack !!

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John_Rocker unregistered
#23   07 Jan 2000
Its tight........
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DeMon{gX} unregistered
#22   05 Jan 2000
Zoid's maps are nice. They are not quite up to spec with the arenas that shiped with Q3A. He tends to use odd textures in places and neglects to pollish the small details and sometimes the levels suffer visually, but they are well designed and play wonderfully!
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Junky unregistered
#21   04 Jan 2000
PLayed it for dayz..
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Dr. Feelgood unregistered
#20   03 Jan 2000
Apperance: Top notch. Professional all the way.

Playability: oh yes!

Bots: worth a try

Overall this is where they all sould be. Mappers take a look and follow the leader!

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Katie Holmes unregistered
#19   03 Jan 2000
Forgot to say that this site is great so far and I will definitely be checking it daily for new maps and reviews. Good job!
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Katie Holmes unregistered
#18   03 Jan 2000
Really cool maps for the first few days, if you really played the hell out of the other four, its a nice change of pace. With my avg ping of 175-225 i cant stand the first map... seems like a get railed over and over again in that huge middle area. The second map has great team strategy capabilities. The third map is fast paced with the tight hallways.

I would really like to see some more maps like q3ctf3, which is my favorite.

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Dwarlock unregistered
#17   03 Jan 2000
nice, but very large,

will tide me ovwr well till some more capture maps come out

I like the fact that unlike many maps these are accesable from the menu, rather than only the console

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not entered unregistered
#16   03 Jan 2000
The maps are very good, but the low fps rates suck
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Riot unregistered
#15   02 Jan 2000
Fun playin, but it gets a bit slow cos of the open spaces in the maps.

More tiny Ctf maps plz!

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Dr Qube unregistered
#14   02 Jan 2000
Oh joy.... these are superb 10/10
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not entered unregistered
#13   01 Jan 2000
yah I vote 10 b/c i'm a beaver
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[p5]Gawain unregistered
#12   01 Jan 2000
I liked these maps, though they were definitely too open, and gameplay occasionally got a little slow, (in q3?? isn't that impossible?), but then i love a good up front ass-kicking rather than ctf.
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Neo Genesis unregistered
#11   31 Dec 1999
This page looks NICE with a nice selection of maps. Love it man keep up the good work!
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Waffle King unregistered
#10   31 Dec 1999
It seems like Zoid likes big open areas, ala Capture Showdown (q2ctf4). One of the levels in this pack features a "base" which feels more like a giant room with a flag in the corner, along with an upper area high above. Sometimes you'll find maps with big rooms connected by small hallways, but generally the flow is big, Big, BIG!

Oddly enough, Zoid pours out big maps but the public isn't as interested in that. The Airstrike CTF map in Q2, a popular one (at least at first), has some sometimes-narrow, sometimes-wide cliffs people fight on. McKinley is THE mother of all CTF maps, and it consists of mostly small tunnels with that big pond in the middle. McKinley itself is so popular that Zoid redid it in Q2CTF, driving it's popularity again. You'll now find McKinley clones available for Unreal RealCTF and UT CTF.

Why does Zoid keep making large, sprawling rooms? You got me.

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Quazi unregistered
#9   31 Dec 1999
The first level was a remake of a Threewave CTF v2 level for Quake1 (ctf2m3 or something..) This makes me wonder.. Is the whole idea of porting old levels into Quake3 a "big thing" now? If so, I'm waiting for some of the old Thunderwalker levels to show up! "The Cheat Complex", "The Crown of Ares", "Gadianton", "Washout"!! WOW! Them's were the days!

PS. I can't build levels worth a snot, but I sure can play them!

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QuartZ unregistered
#8   31 Dec 1999
Gameplay on these maps are for the most part the only thing that saves them. As for their architecture and textures/details, the id maps are SO much better looking. I understand Zoid's commitment to design/gameplay...but these maps are butt ugly on the Q3A engine. They look like they were made for Quake 1 and ported to Q3. He should have handed these maps off to the other id mappers for finishing touches..still fun to play!
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Holesinswiss unregistered
#7   30 Dec 1999
Great maps overall, I prefer them over the original 4, but those 4 are pretty decent as well.

I agree - McKinley needs its third incarnation (fourth, actually) to complete the series. :)

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Entity unregistered
#6   30 Dec 1999
Really kewl What Else Can One Say
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Boeiend unregistered
#5   30 Dec 1999
altough the design (textures light) is quite good

the maps are absolutely unplayable, because they are mostly just wide open spaces without real hallways

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_6D_Wizard_6D_ unregistered
#4   30 Dec 1999
I found the maps were fairly good with the usage of textures, and the weapon and powerup layout was pretty good. My only problem was that the maps were vast and very VERY open. Theses maps did not feel "Arena" like and therefore required new strategies. I am not opposed to this but I did not like it how it seemed detached from Q3A when the maps were an official release. Overall I prefer playing the Q3CTF1,2,3 maps over these ones.
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Duncan unregistered
#3   30 Dec 1999
Good maps, but where's McKinley III? I'd love to see some of the Q2CTF maps made with the Q3 engine and jump pads.
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Cheetah(s4) unregistered
#2   30 Dec 1999
This is a great CTF map for around 6 to 8 people. It has great level desighn and just enough distance between the two flags. The level is decorated nicely and the lighing is great. The only problem with the map that I could find was that it's only big enough for at most 8 players.
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ProdigyXL unregistered
#1   30 Dec 1999
These maps take you back to the traditional feel of CTF. Memories of Quake I CTF matches seem to be sparked while playing these superb maps. Very high quailty, and very professional.
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