Agony & Ecstasy
by Senn
Agony & Ecstasy by Senn
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#45   04 Oct 2020
Oh man, this map could be so much better with just a few tweaks. A RA and MH would add more mobility to it. As it stands, you want to camp next to the yellow armor all the time. Some further connectivity where the SG is would have been great too. The top and bottom are a bit disconnected. But the layout of the map is great!
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IK-NIN Rep. 10
#44   23 Jul 2006
Beautiful. Played it on my server with several players. It was one of the most memorable moments in my early quake time.
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RuStEd unregistered
#43   04 Feb 2002
oh yeah love it will stay on q3a folder
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hannibal unregistered
#42   19 Aug 2001
Ozzie, I worry about you. :)

You can easily construct an arena file and stick it in there yourself. I use the Arena Master...very simple and no more worries about missing arena files. Get it at:

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#41   01 Mar 2001
Do you have any updates to this map so it shows up in skirmesh????? I love this map and it plays fantastic in excessive,its Part of my map rotation. It is adictive


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Ozzie unregistered
#40   21 Jan 2001
I can't get enough of this map... I delete it just so i can download it again!
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BigFrickinGun unregistered
#39   12 Jun 2000
Is it really that hard to make an .arena file....
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Tonpircochmar unregistered
#38   18 May 2000
Une carte qui porte bien son VIVE LA BOUCHERIE !!!!!!!!!! =)
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Rostking unregistered
#37   04 Apr 2000
Yo master Senn, i like or should i say, i really love this map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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mr. self destruct unregistered
#36   22 Feb 2000
this map is TIGHT! Get it now d00d$.
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gosho selski unregistered
#35   22 Feb 2000
ebete si maikite tupi pederasi i vashta mama ......
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Diablo unregistered
#34   15 Feb 2000
Mal wieder eine nette Karte, die sich gut spielen läßt.
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[SDK]Reveal unregistered
#33   09 Feb 2000
YES! This is the first map I really love of non-id maps. Great for a 1v1. thanks to senn and I am looking forward to other maps of you.


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Senn unregistered
#32   27 Jan 2000
Thanks for all the comments guys... I appreciate it =)

The map is looking a little dated compared to the recent releases by Peej and Vondur... but fear not! I am working on a new Quake3 TC called Shattered. I already have one Space/Aliens themed map complete and i am working on another with a frozen snow/ice theme... Original textures ooooOOOoooo =)

anyway, heres the URL for now, we are getting our own domain soon:

Once again, thanks for your support (and thanks to the people who ripped on this map cause I really dont enjoy playing this map and i made it =o)

This is not even a warm up for things to come, stay tuned kiddies =)

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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#31   19 Jan 2000
It rox a little too much....really fun for lan(when drunk of course)hehe
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Zeldrik unregistered
#30   14 Jan 2000
great map lots of fun

i wish i could make maps like this

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Orchize unregistered
#29   06 Jan 2000
I can say that this map is acceptable but it's absolutly not a great map because of the awful design and it's not good when you play it against bots or humans.
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Dead Hamster unregistered
#28   05 Jan 2000
Excellent level. Great for LAN Party's and very good weapon placement and selection. This level plays on 10!
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DeMon{gX} unregistered
#27   05 Jan 2000
the best map out there, this map gives the id maps a run for their money! lots of fun at a LAN party but if your playing with more than 4 people, dont even try for the quad!
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PrimeviL unregistered
#26   03 Jan 2000
A very nice map. Excellent use of curves without over-doing it. A tad slim on the items would be my only gripe. I'll be looking forward to his next offereing.


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Dwarlock unregistered
#25   03 Jan 2000
very nice look to this map. not the sort of game play i go for though.
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GravyCowboy unregistered
#24   02 Jan 2000
Boy i love this map i gave it to all my friends and they love it great job.....:)
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Chilly unregistered
#23   02 Jan 2000
Great map.Finally a decent user created map.Can't wait for more!
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john hunter unregistered
#22   01 Jan 2000
bad ass level!
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Frib unregistered
#21   01 Jan 2000
Nice looking map. A pity it is perfectly symmetrical just like the id maps, and that fact sucks just as much here as it did in those maps. However at least the item placement isn't fully symmetrical as well... err... :)

Anyway I don't want to be overly negative, this is certainly a great looking map. I have to agree with Tig that the item placement does seem a bit sparse though, it could have used a bit more 'stuff', it is such a large map.

I agree with the comments below though, and I want more Senn maps! :)

p.s why is everyone saying that you have to rocket jump off the jump pad to get the quad? I am just stating the obvious, but you can run along the walkway above the jump pad and rocket jump to the quad from there, which is a lot easier. Of course, it's quicker to rocket jump off the pad, if you happen to be down below.

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Dragos83 unregistered
#20   01 Jan 2000
Nice cant wait for other projects from him!
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John Carmack unregistered
#19   31 Dec 1999
this map sux!
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not entered unregistered
#18   31 Dec 1999
Dakota- Get the RL, then jump down to the jump pad. Before you land, fire a rocket straight down. If timed right, you'll do a rocket jump off the jumppad, which will send you high enough to get the Quad.

Then you have the Quad and the RL and everyone will die!!! :)

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SHIVA unregistered
#17   31 Dec 1999
If this is any indication, then bring on more Senn! I've downloaded few maps but keep coming back to this one and so far nothing compares. Smooth and great lay out, well worth playing and having.
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Redrum unregistered
#16   31 Dec 1999
Oh man when senn showed me this map I instantly fell in love (with the map not senn). It was like a good omen shinning through the heaps of crap released before this map.
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not entered unregistered
#15   31 Dec 1999
Sweet Map!

This one is by far the best I've played so far from the custom map community. Senn is wicked at custom maps! I look forward to his future projects. I hope to see some bigger maps for more players.

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Neil unregistered
#14   31 Dec 1999
This level rocks big ass bells. Senn is a genius!
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grunt unregistered
#13   31 Dec 1999
nice map man

style is very consistent with the original release. Lot's of nice curves, all in all a very nice job. Love the goth!

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laerth unregistered
#12   31 Dec 1999
don't like the layout too much, but it is better than most of the maps out there right now.
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Dakota unregistered
#11   31 Dec 1999
ok i have on question. How do you get the quaddamage?
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Surreal unregistered
#10   31 Dec 1999
Excellent Map for a 2 on 2 duel with your lan friends. Great Architecture and vertical play style.

Great Job Senn!

9 out of 10


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lurker unregistered
#9   30 Dec 1999
This map rules (considering it is one of the first user-made maps for Quake3).

If you don't have it, you are missing out and I recommend you get it soon. I found this map to be visually good overall and lots of fun to play in (1on1 or FFA). It has the files for bot play, so I played this thing for about an hour before I realized how much time had passed.

Get it and be happy! :)

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Amphetamine unregistered
#8   30 Dec 1999

The bots sure love that RL... once they get on the platform there's no gettin' rid of 'em....

Good architecture, nice layout.... Prety good for 1on1 play.... might be a bit hektik with 4....

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John unregistered
#7   30 Dec 1999
I've never played this map, but from the screenshot it looks well made and reminds me of the Q1 style architecture, which is a good thing.
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Japex unregistered
#6   30 Dec 1999
Nice map. Very Nice. A bit large for 1on1, but otherwise cool. Could've done without the rocket-jumppad-quad-dohickey-stunt-thing. Bare jumppad-quad, would've been enough for me.
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Holesinswiss unregistered
#5   30 Dec 1999
Definitely one of the best of the first of the user-made maps we've seen so far. I didn't encounter any technical or gameplay problems.

I can't wait to see what people come up with after a few months of practice with Q3Radiant and Q3A map-making. :)

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Bugman unregistered
#4   30 Dec 1999
Definetetly the best so far, and I'd just like to say that there is some really good stuff in the works now from some people I know, ProdigyXL being one of them, just be patient...
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rhess unregistered
#3   30 Dec 1999
my only complaint is that it's too dark in some area's if you are running q3a in "lightmap" mode...
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Enindo unregistered
#2   30 Dec 1999
A great custom DM map that stands out from all the other crap floating out there now.
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Pappy-R unregistered
#1   30 Dec 1999
Without a doubt, the best user made DM map so far. Four person FFA or 1 vs 1 rox here.
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