jackflash by Tom Winger
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gooball Rep. 1081
#26   05 Sep 2011
Some clipping and trim would have been better.
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Sergei "Zihaben" Starko Rep. 70
#25   17 Jul 2011
Hey, it's virtual world. It needs no sense, it needs gameplay =)
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#24   17 Jul 2011
What is up with the rain? In space? That makes no sense! O_o
This map was accepted back in a time when crap maps weren't filtered out. Its staying on this site as a reminder of what not? to do, and because its from the previous millennium.
Edited 1299.42 days after the original posting.
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Nitebeat unregistered
#23   26 Dec 2001
pff.. I guess... it's original.. and that's it..

Gameplay? :) not here move along :-p

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not entered unregistered
#22   14 Aug 2001
this ones like overdose lsd :)

but cheaper :P

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Lelon unregistered
#21   13 Jun 2000
this map is godly. nuff said
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Redrum unregistered
#20   20 Apr 2000
Sorry. I just didn't get it and in the end it was all gimmicks with no real gameplay value or content at all.

Fun for 5 minutes.

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not entered unregistered
#19   11 Mar 2000
This is a space map am I right? So why is there rain in space?
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mEd_lEb unregistered
#18   05 Mar 2000
Its the coolest level i have ever seen. I think its the best. It`s got every kind of weapon!
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Sundown unregistered
#17   12 Feb 2000
Uhh, Tom musta put a lot of effort into this thing, so Kudos for having the balls to experiment Tom! But, its only fun for about five minutes..its just too disorienting to have any sort of a serious fight here. The rain is bitchin.
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#16   19 Jan 2000
This map was too good....except for the visuals(not including inside the buildings)but then again,the visuals weren't that bad...especially not enough to delete the map off my hd...it's too much fun
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pagb666 unregistered
#15   05 Jan 2000
Weird map. Seems like some kind of test of q3a features
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scamboog3ry unregistered
#14   03 Jan 2000
this is one of the weirder maps i've seen...bucket of fog...fall-thru lava...invisible antigrav pads underneath playing arena...took me a while to get used to this one, but it was fun with 5-6 players...not much thought's gone into this one though...feels/looks like the author just placed modules around the place...it's got no theme
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Dwarlock unregistered
#13   03 Jan 2000
I love this map. everything from the box of fog, to the fall through lava. (i'd love to see some maps where there was fall through lava or slime, as you're only way through places.

i think the weapon and item placement was great also. This is one of those few levels that a smart player can avoid death in for quite a long time.

I think this is the best (most fun) map I've played so far

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Jewels unregistered
#12   02 Jan 2000
I hear the rain but I DON'T SEE it. Too dark for rain and lighting is terrible.(I knew this b4 i got the map, just lookit the pic for it, purple and pink :(

The 'box of fog' is dumb and so is the lava that u fall through, unrealisitic :(

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The Gol unregistered
#11   02 Jan 2000
Cranky Steve reviewed it, enough said.


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OzZ unregistered
#10   01 Jan 2000
only fun part is all those jumping if you fall off.use of textures suck and what the hell is the story with the "bucket of fog"?
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bosco() unregistered
#9   01 Jan 2000
Interesting and fun. But ultimately didn't get permanent space on my harddrive ... :(
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not entered unregistered
#8   31 Dec 1999
There is one cool thing in this map, and thats the rain.
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not entered unregistered
#7   31 Dec 1999
This guy just used all of the features in Quake3. It was fun for the first couple of seconds, but it got old fast
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Ice Dargon unregistered
#6   31 Dec 1999
Whats with this map. It's crazy. Can't say I like It. Was fun for the first little while
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Plorqk unregistered
#5   31 Dec 1999
What a twisted level! It is a good showcase of all the neat things you can do in a Q3 level. The rain and fog was cool. The first time I fell off a platform I expected to splatter but I bounced back up unexpectedly. It rocks!
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Dr Qube unregistered
#4   31 Dec 1999
TRhis map is really a set piece like museum... except it's playable to some extent, the bouncy floor is ok but a bit of a no brainer... I don't know why I wrote this but... hey!
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Airhead315 unregistered
#3   31 Dec 1999
I think the maps was great he took one thing that i hated and made it goaway by changing the floor to antigrav pads i would always fall of the edge on a certain map because i jump around alot to avoid bulllets

I also liked the idea of second chances alot of ways to escape danger in this map like in stead of getting fried by the lava you fall right through

I loved the Map A++

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Pappy-R unregistered
#2   31 Dec 1999
This isn't a playable map. It's a load of Q3 gimmicks attached in random order. It does make me hungry for a good map that uses the rain well though.
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not entered unregistered
#1   31 Dec 1999
This deathmatch level features huge platforms floating out in space. If you fall off, you'll bounce back up. Offers good gameplay, definitely something different.
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