Threewave CTF
by Zoid & Casey
Threewave CTF Addon for Quake3: Arena

Thank you for downloading the ThreeWave CTF Addon for Quake3: Arena. Featuring three all new CTF levels to enhance your online experience in playing the Capture The Flag portion of Quake3: Arena.


Please run the self extracting archive and change the directory to where you installed Quake3: Arena. If you are doing a manual installation, please make sure the file twpak0.pk3 is in the baseq3 folder in your Quake3 installation folder.

This addon features three new CTF levels. They are:

q3wctf1 "Bloodlust" . . . . . . Large size CTF map suitable for 16 players
q3wctf2 "Courtyard Conundrum" . Medium size CTF map suitable for 10 players
q3wctf3 "Finnegan's Revenge" . . Medium size CTF map suitable for 12 players

In order to use this addon after installation, go to the multiplayer portion of the game and either join a server with one of the above listed maps, or start a new one using the Create server option.

Server Operators

Included with this addon are two server configuation scripts. They are:

twctf.config - This configures a standard 16 player CTF server that autorotates through the three maps in this addon.

twctfall.config - This configures a standard 16 player CTF server that autorotates through the three maps in this addon, and the existing four CTF maps that come with Quake3: Arena. This results in a seven map rotation.

For Threewave maps only:

quake3.exe +set dedicated 2 +set com_hunkmegs 18 +exec twctf.config

For Threewave/id maps:

quake3.exe +set dedicated 2 +set com_hunkmegs 24 +exec twctfall.config

You may extract either of this files and modify them as you see fit to customize your server. The twpak0.pk3 file is a standard ZIP archive and you may extract files from using using a standard zip file utility.

If you do extract the config files, be sure to rename them otherwise the game will use the existing ones and not your modified versions.


The ThreeWave Team

Dave "Zoid" Kirsch
Michael "Casey" Goodhead

Quality assurance testers:
Pluto, mad-dog, Tiktok, Dakota, DieharD, Celt, Dnormlguy, FibrOptik, Headcrash, Mansa, Onethumb, sCary, Redwood, ThunderBolt, Deltan, DRiller, Phant0m, McCow, Mutha, Kauffee, merton, CC-Yellow, CC-Red, CC-Green, CC-Blue, CC-Turq, CC-Copper, CC-Orange, L-Fire, Toxy, Essobie, diGiTaL, 155&Rising, Hanzo.

Special Thanks:

Dale "TikTok" Tudge for supplying Sweet Tarts
Tim Willits for showing me the ways of the T-Junction Junction
Christian "Cluster portals? Never used them" Antkow
Allister "SDS" McRae
Jim "Masky" Lee
Stephen "Yakazin" Niehaus

id Software

John Carmack, John Cash

Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, Paul Steed, Kenneth Scott

Graeme Devine

Tim Willits, Christian Antkow, Paul Jaquays

Todd Hollenshead

Katherine Anna Kang

Donna Jackson