Mustaine Madness
Dec 15, 1999
The first external Quake3 map!

1 ) Extract mustaine.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/ directory
2 ) Start Quake3
3 ) To play MUSTAINE MADNESS (Description below) type "map tom_dm1"
4 ) To play MUSTAINE TOURNEY (Description also below) type "map tom_tourney"

That's it! Add bots or play it online, its all set to go :]

Title : Mustaine Madness and Mustaine Tourney for Quake3
Filename : mustaine.pk3
Author : Tom "ParadoX" Mustaine
Email Address : **email removed**
Additional Credits to : Thanks to Berenger and Brandon Fish for helping me with
the beta testing.
Thanks to id for putting out such a great game.

Gameplay Specifics:
MUSTAINE MADNESS! (Tom_DM1) is a standard DM map, built for 4-6 players. There is a Quad and
a Megahealth on the map.

MUSTAINE TOURNEY! (Tom_Tourney) is the same map as Mustaine Madness, but minus the powerups.
This map is meant to be played for 1v1-tourney matches.

I'm pretty happy with the balance of this map. The layout is a roundabout figure eight, so players
can hold the RA pretty easily if they are good. I really liked the style of play on Q3tourney6
where you were doing lots of ducking and hiding behind the pillars so I created a similar feel on this
map. The inside areas are very open, prone to rocket battles but the outside is setup with lots
of obstructions, allowing for players to cat and mouse each other waiting for that perfect rail shot.

Also, I wanted to give this map a bit of a DooM feel. Pulling ceilings down a bit to highlight rooms,
and the skulls up high in the inner walls. Not to mention the organic stuff, even though DooM
sure didn't have any curvy organics in the game, those spiked claws in Q3 sure make me think
of DooM for some reason.

Oh yeah. Why "Mustaine Madness?" Well, when I sat down and started working on this map
a few of my friends claimed that I must be insane to try and get a full Q3 map done in
just a few hours, with testing, and a pak file, and tweaks :] Besides, coming up with a
catchy "super cool name" like "The Gloom Potato", the "Keep of Doom", or the "Place where you
shoot each other in" just wasn't working this morning.

Base : From Scratch
Editor(s) used : FAKKed to do all the geometry and lighting (FAKKed's in editor lighting tool
helped make this map finished MUCH faster!)
Q3Radiant for Quake3 to place the .md3's (Released last night)
Build time : About 6 hours from start to finish
Compile time : ~30 mins for each map compile, ~5 mins for each bot compile

* Copyright / Permissions *

Go ahead and play this sucker online, distribute it, etc. But, if your thinking about putting this
on a shovelware CD, stop thinking.

Questions? Comments? Problems? Requests? Feel free to mail me at **email removed**

Oh yeah, try to find the super-secret-was-up-too-late-working-on-this-map hidden message on the map!

See you online!

Tom Mustaine
Ritual Entertainment