The Final Hour

Author: Dana Jan (QuartZ)
Email: **email removed**

Map Name: QUARTZDM1.BSP (The Final Hour)
Completed: 12/25/99
Editor Used: Q3Radiant
Project Time: 8 Days (Part-time)
Game Type: DeathMatch/Tourney
Arena Size: Small 1vs1, or up to about 6 people
Bot Support: Yes


Well, if you are reading this before playing the map...STOP! Go play the damn thing.
Then come back and read this after if you are interested and want to know more about
the process I went through making it. Ok, that settled, I drafted up about 4 map designs
and began to learn Q3Radient. I used to like to fool around with Worldcraft back in the
day, and I only released one map prior to this. In 1996 I released Tokyo Dome for Rocket
Arena 1 (yes for Quake 1). I'm not a mapper. I'm actually a 2D digital artist and a 3D
animator. You may have seen the John Carmack Quake 2 player model I made last May.
Getting back to the subject, I ditched 3 of the maps I was planning on finishing because
the gameplay simply wasn't up to par.

One night I was doodling and voila! I sat down and in about 2 days (while learning Q3Radient)
I whipped out the general lay of the land. The next few days were spent placing items and
compiling aas files to test the map with bots. After thorough testing (I think) I went
ahead and made it look all polished. I'm sure there are things wrong with it still, but it
looks solid to me. About a 3 hour BSP/Full VIS/Extra Light time on this on my PII 450.
I was shooting for a map design that would look as if it came with Quake3Arena. And it seems
to fit in quite well. My next map project will probably be somehting way out there and I
hope to push the limits the engine next time. I used plenty of hint brushes, etc to make
sure that frame rates are as high as possible so I think planning helped alot in some of the
finishing stages.

Anyway, here it is, enjoy, if you want to send me feedback, my email address is above or post
articles on the Shugashack Q3Edit Board. My name there is Samurai01.

BTW I have an idea for a great Q3 Mod that I have been stewing on for over a year now, and I
am looking for experienced quake mod coders to help. I am able to do all the modeling, skinning,
animating, etc. for the mod plus a sample map or two, but I NEED coders. If you are interested
and have some previous work to show please contact me via email (**email removed**)

If you want to hire me for a job...(hehehehe hey, it could happen) by all means contact me via
email. Thanks again, and enjoy! Oh yeah, Merry X-Mass 99, and welcome 2000!

-Dana Jan (QuartZ)

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Commercial distribution of any materials contained in these archives are prohibited. If you are
not sure if what you are doing is acceptable, kick yourself 3 times and jump into oncoming traffic
before you do it. Copyright 1999 Dana Jan. ***