Nu Clear Lunch Time
Nu Clear Lunch Time by Requiem

As you would expect, this is a Q3A map of a big kitchen. In PadMan style, you are mouse sized in a giant kitchen. Highly detailed and very well created, Requiem used several of his own textures and skybox, as well as Lair's Evil textures, PadKitchen textures and ik_wood texture.

You can get into just about every drawer, cupboard and appliance. You can get into the microwave (pizza is cooking), oven, refrigerator (water dispenser also gives health & armor), etc. You can even hit the play button on the radio to hear a catchy tune. The sink drain leads into the dish washer where the Regen is located. ALL weapons are here including grapple, which comes in handy in such a large open map. All the detail leads to high r_speeds, but as the author states: "Gameplay is designed for 'fun'."

Bot file is included so give it a whirl, but you may not stay long.

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Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (61 votes)

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