Neorganic Epiphany
Neorganic Epiphany by Dubbilan

This level, a GeoComp2 entry, is absolutely dripping with eye candy. The first time I walked through the level I was just in awe of the coolness of it all. In this world that Dubbilan has created, walls and walkways are carved meticulously out of some alien wind, brought to life only by sparse neon lights and what looks to be a storm raging over head.

After the initial "wow" factor has passed, you realize this level is to be played too. Game play is actually quite good for medium sized FFA's with hallways winding in and out, all pouring into a central atrium. Pretty much the only "problem" with this map is its performance. Due to the excessive curviness, r_speeds can reach up to 30k, meaning low frame rates. But luckily, LOD comes to the rescue. So, if you're wanting to play this map, and don't have an uber l33t system, then I recommend you set the geometry to low either through the menus, or by increasing the r_subdivisions value (for example: from 4 to 16).

Bot play is not very good however. They can be found falling into the void and being generally stupid, but I'm surprised they played that well considering the nature of the map.

Even if only to look at it, get this map now!

Reviewed by wviperw

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (53 votes)

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