Neorganic Epiphany
------------File Information------------------------------------------ 31/Mar/2002 ---------
Title : Neorganic Epiphany
Game : Quake 3 Arena
Filename : Dubneoc.pk3
Author : Lasse "Dubbilan" Kolding

Homepage :

Email Address : **email removed**

Description : Small tourney/ffa map that utilizes a homegrown
organic style to create something not very quake like.



This is my entry for Sock and Nunuks Geometric Challenge 2.
It is a combination of a normal quake-map and the experimentation with the most extreme
expression of an architectural style my head has crackled with in the last few months,
which I have dubbed Neorganic - hence the title. It is a style that grows on its own with
metaphors suddenly appearing in places never planned for. Hopefully the realistic version
will sometime stand among the buildings of distant earth,
as soon as I finish architecture school, that is... ;)
Hope you like it as much as me and my "inmates" does.
And please do send me a note, if you review the map or put it on a server :)


High r_speeds you say? Due to the design of the map the r_speeds can be changed fluidly.
The peaks around 30k - which does perform a lot better than usual - can easily be changed
to a meeker 12k with almost good average speeds ;)
A simple change of the subdivisionlevel by shifting to low geometry settings,
solves this in a jiffy.
But if you have the system, go for the high setting - it looks incredible smooth :)

As for the bots, it took me 3 days just to get the bot-file compile-able,
so the performance of these incredible stupid creatures is kinda strange... ;)
More bots on the map seem to make the gameplay more fluid.
Also bots seem to pressure the performance in a drastic way on this map.
And Use Real people and you will experience something very different!

------------Play Information ---------

Player Base : Tourney, Free-For-All
Possible Number of Players : 2-8
Best number of Players : 1v1, 3-4
Default Bots : Doom

PS. Play against humans!


New Grahpics : Yes, Alot. All from scratch.
Base : None
Build Time : A month or so.
Compile Time : App. 2 Hours on a Athlon 10000 - bsp-file (FullVis, -light -extra)
App. 50 minutes - aas-file
Editors used : GtkRadiant 1.2.6, Photoshop

Thanks to my
Beta testers : Pengo8, PwR900, [AoW]Lean,

And Ydnar for his Q3map2. My lights were very fond of that! ;)

Known Bugs : Some sparks/glitters here and there on some
graphic cards.

------------Pak File Contents---------

: maps/dubneoc.bsp

: scripts/dubneoc.arena

: levelshots/dubneoc.jpg

: textures/dub_neoc/blah-neon.jpg

: dubneoc.txt


03/Aug/2001 :: Lucid Enigma : Original Release

04/Dec/2000 :: Rhapsody In Blue : Original Release

26/Sep/2000 :: Reverberation : Low-Detail Version

13/Sep/2000 :: Reverberation : Original (Competition) Release

09/Sep/2000 :: Blood Portal : Second Realease


Copyright (c) 2002 Dubbilan,
All rights reserved

Feel free to distribute this file in any electronic form, as long as proper
credit is given and the contents remains unaltered, and this text file has
not been edited in any way.
You may not alter, edit or use the map as a base to build additional levels.
This file may not be commercially exploited in any way.

feedback or comments, email me at: **email removed**