Six Sided Figure

Title : Six Sided Figure - Relerase Candidate 1
PK3 Name : ktsdm4.pk3
Author : Ben "Krash" Ackland
Release Date : Submitted to Geometry Competition 26th March, 2002
Game : Quake 3: Arena
Type : FFA / Tournament / TeamDM
File Size : 3.09MB
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page :
Pevious Work : Q3:A DM (available at - H2SO4 (Second Release)
Q3:A DM (available at[KtSdm1 or KtSdm2]/) - Asimetryk - Cuts Both Ways
Q1 QRALLY (available on (maybe)) - Sub-Aqua - Blue Lake Mountain

Thanks to : Nunuk and Sock, for the geometry competition,
and the textures used herein.
Sock, for the disclaimer at the start of his shader files.
Than, for the industrial texture set.
Amethyst7, for the purdy skybox.
All the alpha and beta testers.
Anyone who recognises this .txt file structure - I probably copied yours.

Early Alpha Testers: Nanospawn, Moji, caffeine, arQon, hth, Hubster... and maybe a few others, I forget.

Beta Testers: *HeFFalump, Aramique, iX, krekits, Whiskey7


The design was originally blocked out months ago, and then shelved.
The geometry competition provided me with an alternative to developing
an interesting texture set, and allowed me to think about details instead.

The map works well in a small FFA, and provides an intense game of
cat 'n' mouse in 1v1, provided both players know the layout well, and
utilise the alternative routes.

There are a number of shortcuts and trickjumps throughout the map,
which should please CPMA players. Some of these shortcuts are also
performable in vanilla Q3.

Game Style : Tourney, FFA, TeamDM
Number Of Players : 2 - 4. You can play with more if you like. It's up to your personal
play style. But for bot play, it's tuned to be pretty even
with the default bots.
Default Bots : Hunter, Lucy, Patriot.
Notes : Both armours spawn every 30 seconds, +/- 5 seconds.
This reduces the efficacy of doing nothing but running the
armour loop, forcing people to vary their routes.
Item list : Deathmatch Start - 19
Green Health - 5
Yellow Health - 5
Orange Health - 1
Armour Shard - 5
Yellow Armour - 2
Shotgun - 1
Grenade Launcher - 1
Rocket Launcher - 1
Lightning Gun - 1
Plasmagun - 1
Bullets - 3
Shells - 3
Grenades - 1
Rockets - 4
Lightning - 2
Cells - 3

Base : New level from scratch
Texture Scheme : Limited. Details below.
New Shaders : Yes.
New Sounds : No.
Construction Time : design - 2 weeks (before geometry comp)
construction - 1 month
testing and tweaking - 3 weeks
Prefabs Used : None.
Average R_Speeds : about 6-7k (entities, no players)
Worst R_Speeds : 11k - from u-turn between RL room and LG room
facing both rooms.
Total Brushes : 7056
Total Entities : 85
Point Lights : 0
Editors Used : GtkRadiant 1.2.4
Other Programs : Adobe Photoshop 4.0, Paintshop Pro 5.0, EditPad
Known Issues : Only with the bots.
Due to an oversight in their code, the Q3:A bots will never jump
over a gap in order to reach an item. This ruined the bot play of
the map, as the bots refused to make the jump to or from the lightning
gun. This jump is a major part of the connectivity and flow through
the map, and so I cheated. There is an invisible bridge that passes
across the gap, just above the teleporter. Only bots can use the bridge.
This enables them to complete all the routes that a human player might.
The only issue with this, is that sometimes the bots will stand on the
bridge for a short time, which looks odd, and can be annoying.

As many people know, the Q3:A bots are pretty... well... stupid.
I have done my best, however, to make the bots play the level with as
much variety as possible. I've balanced things so the map is "neutral" to
the bots. This does not mean that the bots won't gather in one spot.
On the contrary, you are likely to find all the bots in the same place at
the same time. Rather than hanging around a particular area, the bots
will go to where the action is. So if everyone flocks to one place, and
there's alot of killing, then all the freshly spawned bots will go straight back to
that place. If you start doing more killing in a different part of the map
(spawn camping, for instance), then the bots will start flocking to the
new area. In this way, it is possible to have large confrontations in every
area of the map. Note, however, that having more bots will make moving
the action around more difficult. If you have 8 bots killing each other in
the bottom corridor, it's going to take alot of spawn camping near the
GL to get them to come to you.
Basically, if the bots feel like they stay in one spot, play another couple
games - you may be pleasantly surprised.

The rules of the geometry competition stipulate that no more than 12
textures may be used throughout the entire map. The textures I have
used are detailed here.

---Texture--- | ---Source--- | ---Modifications---
| |
ceil1_34.tga | ceil1_38.jpg - pak0.pk3 | Added alpha channel, so texture can act as
| | its own blend filter. (see shader file)
ceil1_38.tga | ceil1_38.jpg - pak0.pk3 | Added alpha channel.
| |
effect.tga | new | N/A
| |
light1_hex.tga | light_1.jpg - pak0.pk3 | Edited to be hexagonal, rather than square.
| | Added alpha channel.
matbrown_drk1.jpg | Geo Comp Pack 2 | None.
| |
matbrown_lgt2.jpg | Geo Comp Pack 2 | None.
| |
matgrey_drk1.jpg | Geo Comp Pack 2 | None.
| |
matgrey_lgt2.jpg | Geo Comp Pack 2 | None.
| |
metal_m3.jpg | Geo Comp Pack 2 | None.
| |
metal_m4.jpg | Geo Comp Pack 2 | None.
| |
striplight.tga | Than's Industrial Set | Recoloured to match ceil1_34. Added alpha channel.
| |
comedown*.jpg | Skybox by Amethyst7 | None.

Q3MAP Version : 2.0.0-b1-rc1
Compile Parameters : -meta
-vis -saveprt
-light -fast -bounce 2 -bouncegrid -super 4 -thresh 0.25
Q3MAP BSP Time : 120 seconds (2:00)
Q3MAP VIS Time : 384 seconds (6:24)
Q3MAP Light Time : 29629 seconds (8:13:49)
BSP2AAS Time : 519 seconds (8:39)
AAS Optimized : Yes.

Total Compile Time: 30652 seconds (8:30:52)
Compile Computer : Athlon 1100Mhz, 512Mb RAM


Authors MAY NOT decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels.
Authors MAY use the included custom textures & shaders, or modifications thereof, provided
they give note of such in an attached readme. Also be sure to use directories and filenames
different than those in KtSdm4.pk3, or else you run the risk of having both maps excluded
from pure servers.
You MAY distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any electronic means, provided
you leave the contents unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered.
This file may not be commercially exploited in any way.

* Krash the System *