n i t r a

-= Geometry Challenge #2 -=

\\ map title: "n i t r a"
\\ map file: waxxgeo1.bsp
\\ author: Anthony 'psion' butler
\\ email: **email removed**
\\ site: apache.airnet.com.au/~waxx/psion.htm


\\ concept: tfz.ed209
\\ file size: 2.3 mb
\\ # of spawns: 8
\\ editor: GTKRadiant v1.2.1 with ydnar's q3map2.
\\ machine: Amd 900 + 384 ram + gf2 pro
\\ build time: 12 days from scratch.
\\ # of textures: 12

Welcome to this remote metropolis set on a dark moon drained of natural resources. Being the only self-contained facility that runs purely on the substance known as nitra, electric charges can be heard as the piping system continuously pumps the yellow mineral from generator to generator, providing the complex with a never ending supply of energy.

Built specifically for the competition, i had a vision of a futuristic cityscape with a unique skyline. Not wanting to duplicate any of the map, i attempted to make each area very different to the next, yet still keep the same feel throughout.
Focus is on 1vs1 play, although also suitable for 4 player ffa with R_speeds peaking once at 13k & averaging 7-9k.

i hope you enjoy nitra as much as i did making it,... an excellent challenge held by the promoters. :)


-= Credits -=

\\ textures courtesy of "Sock" (www.planetquake.com/simland) & id Software.
\\ skybox courtesy of "Amethyst7" (**email removed**)
\\ levelshot courtesy of "tfz.Syithe" aka J.Cuda (**email removed**)
\\ custom sounds, JP's & spawn marker's by me.


\\ Special Thanks to the testers who replied on such short notice:

slim! o0


-= copyrights/permissions -=

Distribution of this zip is to be done in it's entirety, and any commercial use without prior consent is prohibited. The bsp included is not to be used as a basis for further map building.
Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

A.B 2002